The Friends of the Library program promotes, supports, and enhances the library’s ability to provide a strong assortment of materials and services to the students and staff of Bushnell University and to the community at large.

Friends of the Library participate in volunteer projects that enrich the library’s special collections and sponsor lectures and events designed to uplift our spiritual and cultural heritage. Monetary gifts provide needed materials, equipment, and technological enhancements that are beyond the library’s regular operating budget.


Becoming a member of the Friends of the Library provides resources and services that would not otherwise be available to students. Additionally, there is something in it for you, too:

  • Free access to books and materials from within Bushnell University and five other colleges.
  • Free access to computerized databases of newspapers, journals, articles, abstracts, and reports ranging in topic from current events to emerging sciences.
  • Free access to exhibits, lectures, and other Friends-sponsored programs
  • Informational newsletters

Sponsored Projects & Additions To The Library

Rare Bible Restoration

Includes rare Bible translations and editions which trace the history of the English Bible, translations of the Bible into many languages of the world, Babylonian clay tablets, and facsimiles of other rare books and manuscripts.

Collections and Displays

Sponsored collections and exhibits include African, Asian, Native American, and pioneer artifacts, Northwest history, Bushnell archives covering the heritage of the University, early Christian hymnals and psalters, and materials related to the history of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Research Sponsorship

The Friends of the Library provided a grant that assisted Dr. Loren Crow, then Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Bushnell, to participate in an archaeological dig in Megiddo, Israel.

New and Improved Technology

Audio/Visual equipment, new computer and most recently, digital cameras.

1995 Facility Remodel

A remodel and renovation of the Kellenberger Library, funded by the Friends of the Library, improved facilities for study and research, disability access, and better space utilization.