A Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology from Bushnell University is a great way to get the knowledge, skill, and faith development you’ll need to be an effective Christian leader.

Since 1895, Bushnell University has been preparing people for ministry in the church, workplace, and world. This focus continues to be at the heart of what our institution is all about.

Through Bushnell’s Bible and Theology major, you’ll develop the tools you need to more effectively study Scripture and theology — whether your plans involve teaching, church ministry or seminary. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore and expand upon your spiritual gifts, preparing you for leadership roles in churches, parachurch organizations and other specialized ministries. Complete the form to learn more.

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Career Opportunities

Potential careers related to Bible and Theology include:

  • Theologian
  • College Professor
  • Pastor
  • Christian School Teacher
  • Evangelist

Clubs and Activities

Ministry is a hands-on career, and during your time at Bushnell, you will gain practical experience through co-curriculars, clubs and events such as:

  • Internships
  • Service Projects
  • Mission Trips
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Pursue Your Purpose

Bushnell’s School of Bible and World Christianity will help you discern, explore, and grow in your clarity about God’s calling regardless of the vocation.  Whatever majors or minors you may choose, you can trust that a highly trained and dedicated faculty will meet you–inside and outside of the classroom–as a whole person.

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This indicates the standard duration of this program. Completion time may vary depending on transferred coursework and courseload.

Total program credits include a combination of major/concentration, Bible/theology and general education credits.

Old Testament and Archaeology

A study of archaeological methods and discoveries in Bible lands that have important bearings on the history, literature, and religion of the Old Testament.

Christianity in America

This course is designed to help students examine their own personal experience of the Christian Church within the context of the rich theological diversity of Christianity in America as a whole. Students will explore the theological and historical roots of the particular Christian denomination with which they identify most closely, and they will engage in dialogue with other Christian traditions represented on this campus and in the broader community.

History and Theology of the Stone-Campbell Movement

This course explores the historical context and the theological foundations of the Stone-Campbell Movement. Emphasis will be placed on reading and analysis of key primary source material.

The Prophets

A study of the Israelite prophetic writings of the classical period (8th to 5th centuries BCE). Special attention is given to understanding the prophets as both bearers and interpreters of prophetic tradition, and proclaiming God’s message in particular historical circumstances.

The Book of Psalms

A study of selected portions of the Hebrew Psalter with special attention given to their literary genre and their life setting in ancient Israel. Prerequisites: BTM 101 and 102.


A course in sermon preparation and delivery, including wedding and funeral sermons. Students will explore homiletical techniques with an emphasis in worship leadership and proclamation.

Pastoral Ministry

This class will explore the roles and responsibilities of pastors in the local church, providing an overview along with practical experience in the diverse responsibilities inherent to the pastoral ministry. Special attention will be given to the minister’s role in spiritual formation of the congregation.

Leadership Skills for Ministry

This course examines the theories and practice of pastoral leadership, including a focus on church administration and ministerial ethics. Attention will be given to biblical models of leadership, staff relations, financial oversight, risk management, and conflict resolution.

Philosophy of Religion

A conceptual and analytical survey of the important questions linking philosophy and religion. Students will consider the chief contemporary approaches to justifying religious belief, as well as various non-theistic challenges to that belief. The following questions will be discussed: Are religious claims subject to rational evaluation? What can reason tell us about the nature of God? Can we prove that God exists? Why would a maximally perfect being permit evil and suffering? Is belief in miracles well founded? Is the idea of human survival after death a coherent one? This course may be used to fulfill an elective in the Bible & Theology major.

Degree Requirements

Here you will find everything you need to know about what is required to successfully complete your degree. Whether you are beginning college for the first time or are a transfer student, we’ve got you covered.

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School of Bible and World Christianity Faculty
School of Bible And World Christianity
Agam Iheanyi-Igwe, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Bible & World Christianity
Associate Professor of Bible & World Christianity

Ph.D., Biola University M.A., Biola University B.Eng., Federal University of Technology Owerri (Nigeria) Dr. Agam Iheanyi-Igwe has taught Missions, Bible, and Theology courses …

School of Bible And World Christianity
Mick Bollenbaugh, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy and Biblical Studies

Ph.D., University of Oregon M.A., University of Calgary M.A., Lincoln Christian Seminary B.A., Northwest Nazarene College B.A., San Jose Christian College Dr. Mick Bollenbaugh arrived …

School of Bible And World Christianity
Melisa Ortiz Berry, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History and World Christianity

Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University M. Div., Princeton Theological Seminary M.A., Knox Theological Seminary M.A., University of Nevada B.A., Loyola Marymount University

School of Bible And World Christianity
A.J. Swoboda, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and World Christianity

Ph.D., University of Birmingham M.A., George Fox Evangelical Seminary B.A., New Hope Christian College Dr. A. J. Swoboda (PhD, Birmingham) is a pastor, …

School of Arts and Sciences
Brian Mills, Ed.D.
Director of Assessment
Associate Professor of History & Bible

Ed.D., Oregon State University M.A., Westminster Seminary California B.A., University of Oregon As Director of Assessment, I service the University as the chair …