At Bushnell University, your business education will thoroughly ground you in the theories and principles of accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics, statistics, and ethical decision-making.

Whether you are interested in obtaining a management position in a for-profit or nonprofit setting, and whether you look to work in the region or abroad, a business administration degree will provide a strong foundation as you pursue your career goals.

You will choose from six concentrations which allow you to focus on the subject matter that is important to you. Concentrations available are:

  • Accounting
  • General Business
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sports and Recreation Management

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100% of traditional undergraduate students graduate with at least 135 hours of field experience

Program Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to demonstrate:

  1. A comprehensive knowledge of the core principles and concepts related to business administration;
  2. Effective communication, both written and oral, relative to different business environments and situations;
  3. A knowledge and understanding of the role of Christian leadership, ethics, and service in effectively addressing business management issues and decisions;
  4. Literacy regarding current management trends though the use of leading business information sources, current publications, and other available audio-video, online, or in-text resources;
  5. An ability to integrate all aspects of their learning, understanding, knowledge, and skills concerning business through internship projects and a comprehensive capstone course.

Career Opportunities

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is a versatile degree and prepares graduates to pursue a variety of careers. Graduates of this program go on to successful professions, get their MBAs, and even start their own companies. According to PayScale, the average salary for someone who holds a B.S. in business administration is $67,436 annually.


Bushnell University has received specialized accreditation for its business program through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), located in Lenexa, Kansas. For a list of accredited programs, refer to our IACBE member status page.


Pursue Your Purpose

Bushnell’s School of Business, Leadership, and Technology has a reputation for academic excellence and graduating students who are well-prepared for the real world. Our dedicated faculty and flexible programs strive to meet the needs and aspirations of today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders in business, accounting, technology and criminology. Whatever majors or minors you may choose, you can trust that a highly trained and dedicated faculty will meet you–inside and outside of the classroom–as a whole person.

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Principles of Management and Leadership

This course provides an analysis of the organizational environment and the processes of management, including leadership concepts, in business enterprises. The course focuses on the concepts, methods, and techniques of the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling functions of the modern manager and the impact of these processes upon effective interpersonal relations, global matters, and ethical issues.

Human Resource Management

The focus of this course is on the policies and practices of recruitment, selection, training, development, and compensation of employees. Special attention is given to employee relations, including Equal Employment Opportunity and affirmative action legislation and requirements.

Sports & Recreation Management

In the rapidly growing and changing industries of sports and recreation, knowledge of the application of business and management skills is becoming increasingly important. This course serves as an overview of the advanced concepts and applications in management of sports and recreation organizations and programs. The course explores the development of the sports and recreation industries, current status, and future trends, covering domestic and global events, amateur and professional sports, and leisure and recreation facilities and activities.

Management of Information Systems

The focus of this course is how to manage information systems in today’s global environment. Topics include technology (hardware and software), applications (end user, operations, managerial decision-making, and strategy), and the development and management of information systems in business situations, including ethical considerations and the global environment.

Legal and Ethical Issues in Business & Management

This course focuses on the legal and ethical issues related to businesses and organizations. Students will examine how government, business, and society interact by reviewing the forms of business organizations, business transaction laws, employment laws, international trade treaties, and corporate and social responsibility.

Operations Management

This course examines planning and control of production and operations with respect to products/services, processes, technology, and personnel. Topics include strategy, quality, forecasting, capacity, location, layout, the supply chain, Just-in-Time manufacturing, and inventory activities.

Group and Organizational Behavior

This course examines issues related to individual and group behavior in complex organizations. Topics include the influence of motivation, organizational situations, and management practices on individual and group work behavior with special emphasis on situational leadership models.

International Management & Marketing

In international business and the dynamic global economy, our way of life is influenced on a daily basis by international trade, international marketing, global supply chain management, and world-engaging entrepreneurship. This course applies global perspectives to advanced business strategy concepts and tools relating to overseas market development, management of global organizations, global SCM, global financial markets, trade and business innovation. Through topic study and discussion, areas of current interest, including debates on regional economic integration, free trade agreements, global financial integrity, trade regulation, international targeting & marketing strategy, overseas market development, global brand management, global distribution & logistics, international quality & service management, global business planning & governance, cross-cultural leadership, and management of international organizations will be explored. In accordance with the vision of Bushnell University for this course, ethics and a faith-based approach to international business will be emphasized and shared.

Managerial Finance

This course surveys the financial problems associated with the life cycle of a business and with personal finance needs. Topics covered include financial analysis, financial planning, capital budgeting, cost of capital, the sources and uses of business funds, and the instruments utilized in raising funds.

Degree Requirements

Here you will find everything you need to know about what is required to successfully complete your degree. Whether you are beginning college for the first time or are a transfer student, we’ve got you covered.

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School of Business, Leadership, and Technology Faculty
School of Business, Leadership and Technology
Latrissa Lee Neiworth, Ed.D.
Dean of Business, Leadership and Technology

Ed.D., Pepperdine University M.A. Ed., Fresno Pacific University B.S., Oregon State University A.A., Mt. Hood Community College Dr. Latrissa Lee Neiworth is a renowned …

School of Business, Leadership and Technology
Peter Diffenderfer, Ph.D.
Professor of Business

Ph.D., University of Oregon M.A., University of Oregon B.S., SUNY Cortland In addition to a wide variety of business experience, Dr. Peter Diffenderfer …

School of Business, Leadership and Technology
Tim Veach, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Business

Ph.D., Int'l Trade Management, Dankook Univ. (Korea) MBA, Oregon State University B.A., Journalism, University of Oregon Dr. Veach joined Bushnell in 2015, after …