English is one of the most comprehensive and integrative majors in the college curriculum. It has a dual emphasis—the mastery of written English and the study of English, American, and world literature—and integrates both with issues of faith.

Jesus tells parables and much of Scripture is full of stories, so there must be something to stories that captures life in a way that other kinds of explanation just can’t. We try to figure out, together, what that is.

Studying literature—the art of storytelling—teaches us how to live more fully. It challenges us to think about problems, calls us to action, and helps us to make sense of the world in which we live. By revealing the deep complexity of human experience, literature enriches our understanding of the complexities in our own lives. It teaches us to see the great beauty and the deep sorrow inherent in life. Most of all, however, by revealing different truths about the world and human experience, it helps us better understand God, who as Truth and Creator continually reveals Himself in the world.

Writing helps us to understand and be understood. It allows us to shape, to form, to comprehend. Writing forces us to think deeply about and achieve mastery over an issue, and then to present those thoughts in a clear, logical manner for others to comprehend. Writing well requires both complexities of thought and form.

Literature encourages us to appreciate complexity in life, and writing helps us try to unravel the complexities and make sense of things. Through this dual emphasis on literature and writing, the English major equips you with skills, such as communication, interpersonal skills, and analytical skills, which are of fundamental importance both in a career and in living a meaningful life.

Career Opportunities

Potential careers related to an English major include:

  • TV Producer or Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Public Relations
  • Research Analyst
  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Librarian
  • Journalist
  • Copywriter
  • Author, Ghostwriter, or Freelance Writer
  • Professional Blogger/Web Writer
  • Minister

Campus Activities

English majors have the opportunity to contribute towards Bushnell University’s online newspaper, The Beacon Bolt. As a student-operated online newspaper, The Beacon Bolt seeks to empower students by providing them with a platform for submitting their thoughts and opinions for discussion in the public sphere. English majors will also have the chance to participate in other activities including community service, readings, lectures, and much more.

Bushnell University Graduates

English major alumni work in almost every conceivable field, such as law, medicine, ministry, publishing, library, social work, counseling, technology, nursing, business, non-profit, and art. Past students have also had notable capstone projects, which include:

  • $7,500 winning grant for a local community vet clinic
  • A published recipe book
  • A scholarly paper comparing Faust with Star Wars
  • A screenplay

Courses in the English Major

Prerequisites for English

  • English Composition
  • One year of college-level proficiency in a non-native language

Requirements for English

  • Service Practicum
  • Internship
  • Senior Capstone
  • English Grammar and Syntax
  • Choose one of the following courses:
    • The Bible as/in Literature
    • Christianity and Literature
  • Choose three of the following courses:
    • Introduction to Literature
    • Introduction to Literature and Film
    • Survey or American Literature
    • Survey of British Literature
  • Choose one of the following courses:
    • Writing in the Workplace
    • Creative Writing
    • Creative Non-fiction Writing
    • Advanced Writing
  • Any additional English or Writing electives at the upper division level (15 credits)

Courses in the English Minor

Prerequisites for the Minor

  • English Composition

Requirements for the Minor

  • Choose three from the following:
    • Introduction to Literature
    • Introduction to Literature and Film
    • Survey of American Literature
    • Survey of British Literature
  • Any additional English or Writing electives at the upper division level (9 credits)

Courses in the Written Communication Minor

Prerequisites for the Minor

  • English Composition

Requirements for the Minor

  • Communication Theory
  • Foundations of Public Relations
  • Writing for the Workplace
  • Advanced Writing
  • Choose two courses from the following:
    • Speechwriting
    • Argumentation and Debate
    • Rhetorical Criticism
    • Historical Methods and Research
    • Any upper division English or Writing elective

Courses in the Creative Writing Minor

Requirements for the Minor

  • Creative Writing
  • Creative Non-Fiction Writing
  • Advanced Writing
  • Choose three of the following:
    • Any English literature or upper division Writing class
    • Speechwriting
    • Writing for the Workplace
Program Director
School of Arts and Sciences
James Watson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English and Director of the Song Nai Rhee Honors Program

Ph.D., Baylor University B.A., Portland State University Dr. Watson’s research interests cover the breadth of the truly breathtaking twentieth century—exploring the ways …