Writing the Letter of Recommendation

Bushnell University welcomes applications from students of other countries. This letter of recommendation is intended to provide insight into an applicant’s character from someone who knows the applicant well. The letter can be written by a pastor, teacher, mentor or other leader in the student’s life. It should not be written by someone who is a family member. Please indicate how you know the applicant, in what capacity, and for how long. Use this letter as an opportunity to describe the student’s character, academic potential and potential success in a university setting. By submitting a letter of recommendation, every international student applicant can qualify for Bushnell’s $12,000 International Student Scholarship.

Qualifying for the International Student Scholarship

The International Student Scholarship is worth $12,000 USD and is renewable annually for up to four years as a student pursues their Bachelor’s Degree. This scholarship is in lieu (in place) of any academic merit scholarships. Every international student who submits a letter of recommendation will earn this scholarship.

Submitting the Letter of Recommendation

The letter may be submitted by the applicant, or the person writing the recommendation. The letter should be submitted to the International Admissions Counselor, Michelle Tyler. Submissions are accepted by mail, email or fax:

Michelle Tyler, Admissions Counselor
828 East 11th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401