We appreciate your thoughtful gifts at the end of the calendar year! With your gifts, we can ensure excellence at Bushnell University. There are many ways to make an immediate investment in the lives of Bushnell students. Your gift truly makes a difference.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) increases the maximum of AGI charitable contribution from 60% to 100% for 2020. You can deduct the full amount of your Adjusted Gross Income–100% of your AGI–in 2020. You can carry forward (for 5 years subject to 60% AGI limitations) your charitable giving which exceeds 100% of your AGI. Consult your financial planner for additional details.

Giving options for 2020:

We can accept mailed or hand-delivered personal checks, checks delivered through bill-pay systems, on-line donations via credit card, credit card donations by phone, or gifts of stock. Please note the following restrictions on giving at year end:

1. Personal Checks:

Mailed, personal checks must be both DATED and POSTMARKED by 12/31/2020 in order to be acknowledged as a charitable gift for the 2020 tax year. Checks from a bank’s bill-pay system must be initiated prior to 12/31/2020 as well.

2. On-Line Donations:

Online donations made through the Bushnell University website must be made PRIOR to Thursday, December 31st at 5 pm (the last business day of the calendar year) in order to be acknowledged as a charitable gift for the 2020 tax year.

3. Credit Card Donations by Phone:

Gifts can be made via credit card by calling the Advancement office at 541-222-0840. These must also be completed by 5 pm on Thursday, December 31st.

4. Gifts of Stock:

All stock transfers must be completed through your stockbroker or financial services provider. For specific questions, contact D.A. Davidson by phone at 541-608-4368 or email Karen Nicholson.

If you have any questions about end-of-year giving, please contact Camille Ogden, Director of Annual Giving, at 541-222-0840.