School of Bible And World Christianity
Dennis Lindsay, Dr. Theol.
Professor, Biblical Studies

Dr. Theology, Everhard-Karls Universitat
M.A., University of Illinois
M.A., Lincoln Christian Seminary
B.A., Lincoln Christian College

Dr. Dennis Lindsay came to Bushnell University in 2000 as an associate professor and chair of the Biblical studies department. He became the associate dean of arts and sciences in 2003 and was named vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty in 2005 until 2022.

Before coming to Bushnell, Lindsay was college principal and bible lecturer at Springdale College in Birmingham, England. His experience of cross-cultural ministry and missions during his 15 years in Germany, Britain, and Central Europe gave him a deep appreciation for the world church and a strong sense of the urgency of Christian missions. In addition to his academic background, Lindsay is an ordained minister and has held pastoral ministry positions in the USA and Germany. He has preached and lectured on several occasions in Poland and Lithuania and is a visiting professor for the Institute of Biblical Studies in Vienna, Austria.

Lindsay earned his Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry from Lincoln Christian College in 1978. Two years later he earned his Master of Arts degree in Old Testament from Lincoln Christian Seminary. He added a Master of Arts degree in Classical Greek from the University of Illinois in 1985 and earned a Doctor of Theology degree in 1991 from Eberhard-Karls Universitat in Wurttemberg, Germany.

Dennis and his wife Karen moved to Tübingen, Germany in fall 2022 where he has become the Director of the Institute for the Study of Christian Origins—a “heritage” mission site sponsored by the European Evangelistic Society (EES).  Where they have been involved for over 40 years, and Dennis has been the board chair of the EES for the past three years.