School of Psychology and Counseling
Ryan Melton, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Psychology and Counseling
Associate Professor of Counseling

Ph.D., Oregon State University
M.A., Pacific University
B.A., Pacific University


Dr. Melton earned his Ph. D. in 2012 from Oregon State University. He is the former clinical director of the EASA Center for Excellence at Oregon Health Sciences University where he provided clinical consultation and training regarding early intervention with mental illness to programs nationwide. Dr. Melton has published multiple papers and textbook chapters and has presented at multiple conferences. Dr. Melton’s research focus is on the impact of interventions with individuals experiencing early schizophrenia, engagement strategies, effective treatment and reducing duration of untreated psychosis. Dr. Melton is certified in providing training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Feedback Informed Treatment, using the Structured Interview for DSM 5 disorders (SCID) and is one of seven in the world certified to train clinicians in the use of the Structured Interview for Psychosis Risk Syndromes (SIPS).

Dr. Melton currently serves as both Accreditation Liaison Officer and Director of Assessment for Bushnell University.

Dr. Melton also has a private practice in which he supervises mental health clinicians for licensure and provides training on diagnosis and evidence-based mental health practices. He is a strong advocate for the health care needs for individuals with mental illness.