First Semester15 Credits
NURS 360: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nurses 3
NURS 362: Health Assessment Across the Lifespan* 2
NURS 364: Nursing Skills Lab 1 1
NURS 366: Nursing Care & Management of the Chronically Ill Theory 3
NURS 368: Mental Health Nursing Theory2
NURS 367P: Chronic and Mental Health Clinical4
Second Semester15 Credits
NURS 370: Nursing Knowledge & Scholarship*3
NURS 460: Population Health Nursing & Wellness Theory3
NURS 470: Nursing Care of Childbearing Families & Children Theory3
NURS 464: Nursing Skills Lab II 2
NURS 461P: Population Health and Childbearing Family Clinical4
Third Semester14 Credits
NURS 468: Nursing Leadership & Management of Care* 3
NURS 462: Nursing Care of Complex and Acute Adults Theory3
NURS 462P: Acute Clinical3
NURS 472P: Transition to Professional Nursing Practice 5

*These courses satisfy Bushnell’s general education requirement in Bible & Christian Ministry Studies.

Clinical Practice

Students will have the opportunity to participate in learning activities in a variety of settings. These may be in acute care hospitals, clinics, schools, specialty hospitals, and community-based care settings. Assigned clinical rotations may be any day of the week and any hour of the day, including traditional day, evening, and night shifts, and may be at sites up to 75 miles from the Bushnell University campus. Students are responsible for their own transportation.