Graduation day is just around the corner, whether you’re a freshman or a senior.

Academic Services at Bushnell University

Academic Services at Bushnell University exist to aid current students in becoming successful graduates. Academic Services includes academic advising, major selection and declaration, and support for academic success through tutoring and accessibility services.

Academic advising at Bushnell leads students to wholesome development — academic, personal, & spiritual — by encouraging accountability, connecting students to helpful Bushnell resources, and providing individual guidance during difficult academic times. Our focus is helping students navigate their time in college so they can maximize what they learn and experience to better prepare them for success after graduation.

Career Development

The focus of career development is to develop purposeful graduates by providing opportunities for students to investigate and learn about God’s calling for their lives, an environment that encourages and trains students in the practical application of new skills and knowledge, and training that helps equip students in fulfilling their vocation as well as service to God and the world.