Students and employees must conduct symptom monitoring every day before coming to campus and/or leaving their place of residence. Members of the campus community must be free of ANY symptoms related to COVID-19 to be on campus or to leave their residence. Students/employees are responsible for informing their professor/supervisor if they are unable to be in class or at work.

In being a part of Bushnell University, our community has been asked to adhere to our Beacon Pledge:

Our Beacon Pledge

As a member of the Bushnell community, each day I will:

  • Self-monitor for symptoms of illness before leaving my residence and isolate if they occur.
  • While on campus and/or involved with campus events wear a face covering while indoors and while in public and outdoor high-density settings to protect self and others.
  • Wash my hands or use hand-sanitizer throughout the day.
  • Be vigilant about hygiene.
  • Take responsibility for my own health and safety & prioritize the health & safety of my Bushnell & neighboring communities.
  • Be flexible as the guidelines will change or adjust as time goes on.
  • Follow posted signage & protocols both on and off campus.
  • Keep my living area, classroom space, and workspace clean and disinfected.