The university has resumed operations and employees are physically present.

Employees are required to be in good health and to continue to self-certify to this fact. Upon returning physically to campus, employees reviewed the “Bushnell University’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Guide for Returning to the Workplace” which includes:

Guiding Principles

  • An overview of Mental and Emotional Well-being
  • Return to the Workplace Health and Safety Guide
  • Responsibilities for Individual Employees:
    • Management Responsibilities
    • Phased Occupancy of Campus Buildings
    • Building Access
    • Guidance for Specific Workplace Scenarios
    • Approaches to Maintaining Physical Distancing
    • Symptom Monitoring Requirements
    • Personal Safety Practices
    • Employee Acknowledgment and Attestation

Employees who have symptoms related to COVID-19 or have determined that they need to be tested based on potential exposure are encouraged to immediately contact their primary care physician and to notify their respective supervisor.

Employees who need emergency care should contact 911 for ambulance transport to the nearest Emergency Department.

Employees who have symptoms or who may have been exposed and are off campus should contact their primary care provider for COVID-19 testing locations in their area and to notify their respective supervisor.

If an Employee believes they have contracted COVID-19 after exposure to a known COVID-positive person on campus and/or while providing job duties, they are asked to immediately return to their residence and/or remove themselves from campus, even if they are not showing symptoms and to notify their respective supervisor.