Bushnell University seeks to foster a safe and secure living-learning environment for its students, faculty, and staff. In times of crisis, the college activates its Critical Incident Response Team to ensure the well-being of the campus community.

Bushnell University is committed to the safety and security of the campus community. Plans are in place to respond to crises which may impact the campus community. The following are highlights of that plan:

Should a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other emergency arise, the campus’ Critical Incident Response Team is activated. At that time, leaders of each critical operational department meet to execute decisions. Each member of this team is on-call around the clock.

Residential students receive instruction regarding safe evacuation as part of their initial orientation in the fall. Annual fire drills in the residence halls test plan effectiveness.

Emergency Response Plan

In the case of an emergency, always CALL 911(9911 from on-campus phones) First, and then call Campus Security at 541-517-5197.

It is always a good practice to notify Residence Life about any urgent situation after hours, even if it is not an emergency. Resident Assistants can be reached at 541-517-1379.

When calling 911, be prepared with the location of the emergency. Below is a list of physical addresses for Bushnell University buildings:

Burke-Griffeth Hall: 875 East 12th Avenue
Facilities & Maintenance Building: 1125 Alder Street
Works Village: 973 Hilyard Street
Kellenberger Library: 1188 Kincaid Street
Lottie Price Music Building: 894 East 11th Avenue
Goodrich Hall: 828 East 11th Avenue
Mom Richart Apartments: 968 Alder Street
Morse Center: 1075 Alder Street
Pomajevich Building: 1090 Alder Street
Ross Evans Chapel: 894 East 11th Avenue
Siefke Hall: 755 East 11th Avenue
Richardson Hall: 763 East 11th Avenue
Townhouses: 940 Hilyard Street

Stay on the phone with the dispatcher until they indicate that it is okay to hang up. While you are on the phone, direct someone nearby to call Campus Security at 541-517-5197 so that they can help direct emergency personnel to your exact location.

Remember that your first duty is to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Notification to evacuate will be made by:

Cabinet member or other college administrators.

Division/departmental phone tree, campus-wide email, or voicemail.

Fire alarm system or other “automated alarm.”

In addition, evacuation drills will be announced.

NOTE: If you have a disability or have special needs that may prevent you from evacuating a building safely, please work with your supervisor to coordinate an appropriate plan of action.

Action Steps

Look for lighted EXIT signs and/or use posted evacuation maps.

Do not use elevators in case of fire or earthquake, use nearest stairway.

Walk, do not run, to the nearest exit.

Leave the building and move a safe distance away. Do not obstruct emergency personnel or vehicles.

Take purses and backpacks when evacuating. Close doors but do not lock them.

You may return to a building when you are told it is safe by a university official.

For additional information on the Bushnell University Emergency Response Plan or contact the Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life at 541-684-7345.