On rare occasions, classes may need to be canceled and offices closed due to inclement weather conditions or other emergency reasons. The President decides if conditions will cause cancelling classes or closing offices for the campus and each of the centers. Major concerns are road conditions, ice, utility service disruption, and how long the inclement weather or emergency is likely to last. Decisions on day classes are announced by 7:00 AM, if possible. Most decisions on evening classes are posted by 3:00 PM.

Once the decision is made to cancel classes and close offices, the Office of Student Life informs local media outlets and the university community. Announcements will specify which locations the closure affects. To learn if a closure decision has been made, students and employees can:

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The university recognizes that there may be times when the campus is not closed due to inclement weather conditions or other emergency reasons, yet an employee can decide it is unsafe to travel to work at his/her regular time. Employees are not expected to report for work if they decide it is unsafe to do so. However, employees will not be paid for time missed when the campus is open unless they use accrued vacation time.

Employees are encouraged to use public transportation when their usual mode of travel is unsafe or impractical. Each employee is responsible for informing his/her immediate supervisor and/or an alternative contact person if the employee is unable to report to work at the normal time.