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Bushnell CHAPEL

Chapel at Bushnell University is a chance to take a break from your studies and focus on worshiping the Lord in song and teaching as a community. Generally, chapel includes a few worship songs and a relevant message. Other times, it may be a panel of students, a faculty member presentation, a community leader sharing about an important ministry, or a time simply dedicated for worship and reflection.

Chapel Options

At Bushnell University, embrace spiritual growth with our chapel options tailored to your schedule. Join the serene Daytime Chapel for a midday pause, or immerse yourself in the reflective Night Chapel for a calming evening service.

Both settings offer a unique space for communal worship, reflection, and connection, enriching your spiritual journey on campus.

Chapel Broadcast

If you would like to join our community for chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m.,  join us live online at Rebroadcasts can be found both at and on our Bushnell YouTube channel.

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Night chapel is a worship service for students by students. This service is every other Wednesday night at 8pm with locations announced on social media. Night Chapels are a more intimate gathering and personal setting for spiritual formation.

Part of what makes these services special are student-led worship teams and student speakers that foster environments of connection in faith. Night chapel is the perfect place for students searching for others who are interested in or invested in their faith.