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Mission TRIPS

Bushnell University has a long history of sending teams of students, faculty, and staff to serve cross-culturally and internationally. We do this by inviting, equipping, and supporting teams to connect and serve alongside our brothers, sisters, and missions partners regionally and globally.


“If Bushnell University were to disappear, would anyone notice?” This question is one of the themes in campus ministries. Our mission philosophy is to set forth on trips that will expand the worldview of our students while helping build a better understanding of the literal biblical commands to love God’s people near and far. We hope that our experiences abroad equip our students to serve wherever they are called.


Our students have been blessed to participate in building Christ-centered relationships around the world in many different countries. Past mission trips locations have included San Francisco, Houston, Medford, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Cambodia, and Mexico. Our teams visit orphanages, rehab centers, and hospices in Tijuana, Mexico. Our Cambodia teams partner with Agape International Missions (AIM) who combat human trafficking in Cambodia.

If you feel called to be a part of future outreach, please contact the Office of Student Life for more information, 541-684-7345.

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Cambodia gives our teams an opportunity to serve church planting efforts in rural communities and work in the preventative work of justice, combating human trafficking by serving at-risk youth and vulnerable urban communities.

Our tireless partners are Hope for Cambodia, Hope Bible Institute, Agape International Missions, Lotus Kid’s Club, and Rahab’s Church.

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island territory of the United States and is often in the path of torrential storms and hurricanes.  We partner with Forward Edge International with local church leaders, to serve families whose homes have been devastated by the storms.

We often are repairing roofs of those economically under-resourced and in the most need. We are lead by a long-time friend pastor Rolando and FE staff of Steve and Melissa.

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