Room & BOARD

Student Life - Room and Board Agreement


Required Electronic Signatures:

The undersigned student and financially responsible person, if one signs, hereby affirms that he/she agrees to the conditions and requirements herein and agrees to the payments, terms, and conditions as set forth above. He/she agrees that all financial aid must first be applied to on-campus costs before any balance can be refunded. If there is nonperformance of the terms of the agreement by the student, the student agrees to pay all late fees, service charges, reasonable attorney fees, collection fees and court costs incurred by Bushnell to enforce this agreement (official transcripts cannot be issued until all amounts owed the University are paid in full). The undersigned student agrees to allow Bushnell to release account information to people or institutions agreeing to pay or actually paying on the account. The undersigned also agrees to abide by policies and procedures as outlined in the University Catalog and the Student Handbook.