Accelerated Dual Leadership Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

Bushnell’s graduate students enrolled in the online MBA or Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) could also seek conditional enrollment in the hybrid EDOL (Ed.D.) Doctorate Program through Pepperdine University.

  • MBA Online (Bushnell) + EdD in Organizational Leadership (EDOL) Hybrid (Pepperdine)
  • MAL Online (Bushnell) + EdD in Organizational Leadership (EDOL) Hybrid (Pepperdine)



  • Try out Doctoral Classes — Students can take up to two doctoral-level courses through Pepperdine’s EDOL Doctoral Program. These two doctoral-level classes would be accepted in lieu of two MBA/MAL courses in Bushnell’s program – saving time and money.
  • Top Ranked Head Start. Get a head start on a prestigious EDOL doctorate at Pepperdine University by being able to count one or two of your doctorate courses towards your master’s degree.
  • Take Advantage of Doctoral Program Perks while Finishing your Master’s degree. As a conditional Pepperdine Doctoral Degree student, you will have access to Professional Seminars, Career Exploration Events, and other Virtual Learning opportunities.
  • Expert Faculty Mentor. Students in this program will have an expert faculty mentor familiar with both Bushnell and Pepperdine University assigned in their area of expertise throughout their graduate programs to help with professional development.
  • Faith Partners. Pepperdine is a Christian university committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values, where students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership. Bushnell University fosters wisdom, faith, and service through excellent academic programs within a Christ-centered community and is committed to equip students to discover and answer God’s call in their lives.


  • Be admitted to Bushnell University’s online MBA or online MAL
  • Maintain a 3.00 Cumulative GPA in the program
  • Meet with the SBLT Dean three times each year (Fall, Spring, Summer)
  • Determine with Academic Advisor and Financial Aid when you can work in 1-2 Pepperdine classes and costs (at Pepperdine’s tuition rate) in your master’s schedule and which courses they will substitute for in your master’s program.
  • If you want to pursue your doctoral degree after taking 1-2courses, you will be connected to the Pepperdine Doctoral Program Director.


Students could take one or two approved Pepperdine courses throughout their program (one in fall and one in spring) to count toward their master’s degree and doctoral degree.

Approved EDOL Courses:

  • EDD 700 Leadership Theory and Practice (3) (Generally Fall)
  • EDD 724 Ethical Leadership, Equity, Cultural Proficiency, and Social Justice (3) (Generally Spring)

Two of these doctoral courses could be substituted for the following in the MBA:

  • General Core: BUS 625 Ethics
  • MBA Management Concentration: BUS 525 Leadership Strategies. BUS 635 Corporate Sustainability
  • Non-Profit Concentration: NPFL 620 Legal and Ethical Issues for Non-Profit Organizations LSHP 570 Leadership and Mission Fulfillment

Two of these doctoral courses could be substituted for the following in the MAL:

  • LSHP 540 Organizational Leadership
  • BUS 525 Leadership Strategies
  • LSHP 560 Leadership and Management