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Bushnell University’s School of Psychology and Counseling has established record of preparing graduates for highly competitive positions. Here, you’ll learn from respected professors who are committed to the integration of psychology and theology — bringing together the scientific, research-driven study of human behavior with biblical perspectives. Throughout your studies you’ll be equipped with knowledge and skills for professional roles in clinical psychology, therapy, counseling, teaching and research.

Meet Dean Ryan Melton, PhD, LPC, ACS

Dr. Ryan Melton is responsible for developing and executing the comprehensive credentialing plans for the clinical mental health program, managing and coordinating the graduate curriculum, hiring and training all personnel, supervising all functions of the program’s mental health clinic and organizing and deploying all school-sponsored events. Dr. Melton is an associate professor responsible for teaching a wide range of CMHC courses, field experiences, and offering mentorship to CMHC students.

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Melton Receives SIPS Certification From Yale

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Student Testimonial(s)

Haley Cochell ‘17, M.A. ’20, graduated with a BS in psychology and a minor in philosophy. She graduated with a MA in clinical mental health counseling in 2020!

How did you get started at Bushnell?

“I became interested in the CMHC program while studying psychology and philosophy for my undergrad at Bushnell. My decision to enroll in the CMHC program was a combination of the program’s academic rigor; identity as a faith-based/Christian university that also provided space for diverse religious/spiritual beliefs; and location (i.e., allowed me to stay rooted in my hometown, where I feel a strong commitment to serve).”

What did you study?

“The CMHC coursework includes topics like, counseling theory; lifespan and development; individual and group work; and multicultural humility. Interests I have invested in during the program and at my internship site include trauma-informed practices; grief and loss; and supporting the resiliency of youth and older adults. One of my developing special interests is the intersection of religion/spirituality and human sexuality – with focus on creating safe spaces and dialogue to name hurtful experiences and move towards healing – and is represented in my portfolio presentation, titled, “The Role of Education in Healing Religious Gender- and Sexual-based Shame.””

How has Bushnell helped you find your calling in life?

“I have felt a strong, enduring calling to both the field of mental health and investing in the wellness of my community since I was in high school. NCU has nurtured this calling by creating a space where I could learn through the lens of cultural and intellectual humility; be challenged; and become equipped with tools, resources, and connections. This sense of calling and preparation has culminated during my internship where I have been able to live out my personal and professional dreams to serve as a counselor in the community I deeply care about – first as an intern and now as an employee.”

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Faculty in School of Psychology and Counseling
School of Psychology and Counseling
Kaj Kayij-Wint, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Counseling

Ph.D., Oregon State University M.A., St. Martin’s University B.A., Providence College Dr. Kayij-Wint uses her scholarship and experience to prepare students in the …

School of Psychology and Counseling
Ryan Melton, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Psychology and Counseling
Associate Professor of Counseling

Ph.D., Oregon State University M.A., Pacific University B.A., Pacific University  

School of Psychology and Counseling
Mary Ann Winter-Messiers, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., University of Oregon M.S., University of Oregon Maîtrise Université de Paris-IV La Sorbonne Liçence Université de Paris-IV La Sorbonne B.A., University of Oregon Dr. …