Bushnell University’s Bachelor of Arts in Christian Worship major will equip the next generation of leaders to pastor people in authentic worship of God. Beyond church ministry positions, students can apply this degree in innovative and relevant ways within intercultural and para-church organizations.

Christian Worship majors at Bushnell gain a strong foundation through a biblically and theologically sound course-load. They learn to not only think theologically, historically, and biblically about worship, but they are challenged to contextualize it for today’s culture. For flexibility and enhancement of study expertise, students may choose a concentration in Music or Creative Arts.


In addition to its innovative and theologically strong curriculum, Bushnell University’s Christian Worship program will help the student in the following:

  • Become better worshipers.  Students will learn what it means to experience the privilege of offering public worship to God in Christ through the Spirit and to grow in the joy of new life in Christ.
  • Become better worship theologians. Students will learn how to critically think through and articulate key biblical, historical and theological aspects of Christian corporate worship.
  • Become better pastoral worship leaders. Students will learn to develop pastoral skills for applying Christian worship principles in church and para-church settings.
  • Become better creative arts or music technologists. Students will learn how to incorporate these skills to enhance the beauty of worship in the church and many other cultural settings.


  • Lead Pastor
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Camp/Retreat Center Director
  • Youth Minister
  • Children’s Ministry/Pastor
  • Professor at a Christian University
  • Campus Pastor
  • Teacher
  • Small Group Pastor
  • Women’s Pastor
  • Men’s Pastor
  • Outdoor Ministry
  • Worship Leader
  • Music Pastor
  • Creative Arts Director
  • Conductor
  • Band Director
  • Band Leader
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Music Teacher
  • Arranger

Practical Experience

The Christian Worship degree combines a comprehensive Bible core with exceptional music training to prepare you for church worship ministry. With church internships and mentoring from local worship pastors, you’ll get practical experience and be ready to serve in ministry.

Auditions & Scholarships

All students who desire to pursue a degree in Christian Worship, Contemporary Music Industry, or Music must complete the audition process in addition to fulfilling the Bushnell admission requirements.  *The audition provides the faculty with an opportunity to measure your potential success as a major or minor and to determine whether you will be admitted to the program. Scholarships may be awarded to eligible students.

*Students interested in ensemble participation only may still complete the audition process to be considered for an ensemble and to be eligible for a potential participation scholarship.

Audition Process

The audition process consists of three components: essay application, personal interview, and music audition.

Essay Application

The essay should be approximately 350-500 words and help us get to know you. The topics that you should address are: Why are you interested in studying Music, Christian Worship or Contemporary Music Industry? Why Bushnell? What are your career goals at this point in your life? What ministry experiences have you had? And what relevant training have you had for your intended major to this point (private lessons, courses, ensembles, internships etc.)? The application must be submitted prior to your scheduled audition.

Performing Arts Audition Application


The personal interview is designed to help us get to know you better and to be able to interact with you personally. The interview can be part of your on-campus music audition. You should dress appropriately and be ready to interact with faculty regarding your essay.


For the performance portion of your audition, please prepare two selections in your strongest performance area(s). If possible, we would encourage you to prepare songs in differing styles. In addition, students auditioning for the Music major may be asked to sight-read vocally or instrumentally.

*Non-music audition alternative: Bring portfolio of your work or resume of experience with you to your interview.

Audition Dates

The department has dedicated the following dates as audition days:

  • Fall Preview Days
  • Spring Preview Days
  • If unable to attend a designated audition day, specially scheduled auditions can be made on most weekdays (Monday-Friday) throughout the year. Schedule a Individual Student Visit. Select “Audition for Performing Arts” on your requested appointments and they will help coordinate a specific time.
  • Though on campus auditions are preferred, if travel distance makes it impractical for you to perform an on campus audition then you may record and submit a video audition. Contact music@bushnell.edu for further instructions.

The Worshipping Community

This course will explore the meaning of worship in relation to God and to one’s calling in the world, focusing upon different traditions of worship, liturgical renewal in the 20th century, worship and the arts (music, drama, dance), worship and the occasional services, and worship in the context of evangelism.

Worship Theology and Planning

This course is an integration of theology, liturgy, critical thinking, and practical leadership skills related to worship, church, and culture. The student will focus on church service and concert planning in a variety of seasonal and worship settings.

Sacred Seasons and Time

This course provides a biblical understanding of sacred time and how Christians have incorporated it in worship gatherings. Students will learn how the Christian year tells the story of God in Christ by observing and remembering God’s divine activity in specific seasons and events.

History of Worship in the Church

A survey of the history of worship in the church from inception to present day. Through an examination of biblical, historical, and social contexts the student will gain an understanding of how practices developed and changed throughout history. Students will also be exposed to the ecumenical diversity that exists in the worship of the church.

Music Technology

This course provides a student with an opportunity, through group instruction and hands-on experience, to study current applications of live production and music technology in a comprehensive MIDI/audio studio. Students will be introduced to the audio concepts required to begin mixing for a live band. They will also study music production software including Garage Band, Logic, Digital Performer, Sibelius and Finale. Students will learn basic MIDI concepts, sequencing, digital audio recording, plug-ins, and digital mixing systems. Students will work in the studios a minimum of 2 hours per week outside of class.

Degree Requirements

Here you will find everything you need to know about what is required to successfully complete your degree. Whether you are beginning college for the first time or are a transfer student, we’ve got you covered.

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