Welcome to Bushnell University and congratulations on your admission to your program. Whether you’re starting your master’s or certificate program, studying in Eugene or online, we’re excited you’ve chosen Bushnell to further your education.

To officially enroll in your program, there are certain steps you must take. While specifics may change depending on your program, these general steps are commonly required. If you have questions, please contact your admissions counselor.

Step 1: Review Your Admission Offer

When admitted, you should have received information on your status, including required prerequisites and conditions of admission.

Step 2: Complete Enrollment Forms

Before you register for courses, you must accept admission and submit required deposits and/or enrollment forms to secure your place in the program. Enrollment forms and deposits vary by program. Please click the link below and select the program you have been admitted into for specific next steps.

Step 3: Finalize Financial Aid

If you are a U.S. citizen, there are various financial aid opportunities available, including:

  • Federal Direct Stafford Loans
  • Graduate PLUS Loans
  • Private Loans

For more information on applying for financial aid, visit our Financial Aid Office.

Step 4: Request My.Bushnell Account

My.Bushnell is your student portal containing important student information and resources, including BeaconLearning, grades, email, textbook information, tutoring, etc. After you have accepted admission, please request your account. You will need your My.Bushnell account to complete several tasks during new student orientation.

Step 5: Course Registration

Once you have accepted admission and have submitted all required enrollment forms and/or deposits, your admissions counselor will have you registered in courses. You will not need to take any registration action.

Step 6: New Student Orientation

NOTE: Due to social distancing measures put in place by Oregon Governor Kate Brown, we are not currently offering on-campus orientation events. For the time being, all orientations will be virtual with our admissions team.

An on-campus orientation event is held about two weeks before the start of courses. Orientation is designed to help you start your academic journey off on the right foot. Your experience will help you connect with your campus, meet faculty and staff, and prepare for the academic ventures that await you. Your admissions counselor will relay orientation details as they are made available. Students who are unable to attend on-campus orientation will schedule an individual orientation with their admissions counselor.

Step 7: Connect with Your Academic Advisor

All incoming students are assigned a designated academic advisor who serves as your primary contact for any questions pertaining to academic life at Bushnell University. Academic advisors will automatically register you based on your program calendar. As long as you stay in sequence, you will not need to take any registration action unless you need to drop or withdraw from a course or the program. Our goal is to provide support and mentorship in a proactive, collaborative way.