The Campus Emergency Response Team (CIRT) continues to monitor the air quality conditions caused by smoke from the forest fires impacting our community. The air quality in our area is currently listed as ‘hazardous’ due to wildfire smoke. Because we want to continue to encourage our students, faculty and staff to stay indoors whenever possible, we will move all classes to an online format Tuesday, September 15th through Friday, September 18th. Rather than making a day-by-day call on our status throughout the week, the CIRT Team decided to move to online instruction through Friday with the intent of providing each of you with more clarity and context to plan the rest of your week. This will enable our students and employees to minimize exposure to the outdoors and the smoke. The current plan is for on-site classes to resume Monday, September 21st in their normal format.

The campus will remain physically open, but we are encouraging those employees who struggle with respiratory challenges to communicate with their supervisor and work from home. Students who may have issues logging in/accessing wireless or who might be unable to attend their online class are encouraged to contact their respective professor(s) to let them know of your challenge or utilize computer resources in the library.

Just a reminder that there are a number of resources available to assist our students including tele-counseling services though our counseling center which can be reached at 541-684-7471, pastoral care, student life support, and financial assistance. If you have questions about how to help students access these resources please contact me. We also want you to know that our campus initiative, “the Beacon Relief Fund’ continues to grow and that financial help continues to be routed to our students and employees in the greatest need. Thank you to those of you who have contributed to this need. If you are a person or know of a student who has experienced significant loss please let us know so that we can help. Also, for those of you who are interested in supporting those in need during this time, please give to through our Beacon Relief Fund.

Let us continue to lift up our Bushnell Community, our firefighters, our first responders and all who are impacted by these fires.