Kinesiology at Bushnell University prepares you to better understand the effects of movement on the body in order to assess and promote physical activity throughout all stages of life. Our bodies are intricately designed. The way we steward them — with exercise, nutrition and medical care — can have profound effects on our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Students will be well-equipped for graduate-level study in the field of exercise and movement science, or to be a competent professional in the allied health or other human movement related professions.

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Heike McNeil, Ph.D.
Program Director


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Heike McNeil, Ph.D.
Program Director


Why Choose Bushnell?

Students will study the sciences of human movement and choose from tracks in Exercise Science or Coaching and Athletic Administration. Students will actively learn about the field through close interaction with faculty and dynamic internships.

Kinesiology is a great starting point for furthering your education in the field, setting you up to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy or occupational therapy or a masters degree in kinesiology, exercise physiology or athletic training, etc.

Program Overview


  • Exercise Science
  • Coaching & Athletic Administration 


Program Objectives

Exercise Science Objectives

Graduates of this program will:

  • Be able to apply scientific foundations of the individual sub-disciplines to exercise and movement science
  • Be able to become critical thinkers and competent practitioners
  • Be able to analyze and assess components of health-related physical fitness such as cardiovascular endurance, body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility
  • Have skills to plan and implement appropriate exercise prescription for different populations, accounting for necessary modifications due to factors such as environmental or special needs of the person with whom they work
  • Be able to effectively evaluate clients’ needs and design appropriate exercise programs that cater to specific needs, personalities, as well as environmental conditions
  • Be prepared to pursue ongoing professional development in exercise science or related professional fields through graduate level study and through membership and participation in professional organizations

Coaching and Athletic Administration Objectives

Graduates of this program will:

  • Create physical conditioning programs for individual of all ages and abilities, including implementation of special needs
  • Communicate principles of kinesiology and its sub-disciplines in an academic/professional environment
  • Demonstrate a level of skill and knowledge necessary for employment or continuing studies at the graduate level
  • Demonstrate an understanding of organizational fundamentals of athletic concepts and management
  • Demonstrate and understanding of social, medical, physical, and physiological elements of coaching
  • Utilize behavioral techniques and principles of leadership to enhance physical activity and performance
  • Analyze the nature and cause of injury and design procedures of healing and return to sport

Highlighted Courses

EXSC 330 Health Methods for the Exercise Science Professional

This course will introduce the most common activities in personal training and coaching. Topics covered: assessment, cueing, and technique for strength training, cardiovascular fitness, gait, balance, flexibility, fitness class organization, and sports and games. Students will learn how to adapt each activity for individuals with disabilities.

EXSC 420 Exercise Testing and Prescription 

Fitness principles and techniques for fitness assessments including cardiovascular endurance, blood pressure, joint flexibility, body composition, muscular strength, and endurance. Topics include health screening, informed consent, field test protocols, data interpretation, and exercise prescription. Practical experience in assessing fitness levels and developing appropriate exercise rescription for healthy individuals as well as special populations.


Beacon Points of Pride

  • Over 90% of students from our exercise science track that have applied to physical therapy schools have been admitted.
  • 100% of traditional undergraduates students graduate with at least 135 hours of field experience
  • 190 company and school internship and field experience partners
  • According to, a nationally recognized publisher of college resources and rankings, Bushnell University is ranked 2nd in the state of Oregon among fully accredited universities and colleges

Accelerated Dual Pathway (4+1)

Students are able to obtain two degrees (B.S. and Master of Arts in Sports Management) in five years by enrolling in our Accelerated Dual Pathway.

Questions? Contact or call 541-684-7201.

Career Opportunities

Careers with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Athletic Training
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Strength Training & Conditioning
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Community Health
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Recreation Programming
  • Coaching

Internship Sites

  • Physical Therapy Clinics in Eugene and in students’ hometowns
  • Oregon Heart and Vascular Institute
  • Athletic Training Centers (University of Oregon, Bushnell, local high schools)
  • Peace Health Hospital
  • Fitness Establishments
  • Chiropractic Clinics
  • Bushnell Athletics (coaching / strength & conditioning)

Life After Graduation

Some of our graduates have been hired by the following organizations:

  • Bushnell University
  • Tensegrity Physical Therapy
  • University of Oregon
  • Boss Sports Performance
  • Run Hub Northwest
  • Summit Chiropractic & Sports

Additionally, here are some graduate programs that our former students are currently enrolled at:

  • University of Southern California Physical Therapy School
  • High Point University Physical Therapy School, NC
  • Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (Physical Therapy)
  • University of Utah College of Health (Physical Therapy)
  • Ross University School of Medicine
  • University of Western States (Chiropractic)
  • Eastern Washington University (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy)
  • Pacific University (Physical Therapy, Athletic Training)
  • George Fox University (Physical Therapy)
  • Lane CC Nursing Program
  • Lane CC Massage Therapy Program
  • Portland CC Nursing School
  • University of Florida Exercise Physiology PhD Program
  • Saybrook University, Functional Nutrition Master’s Program
  • Wayne State University Accelerated Nursing Program
  • OHSU Health Hillsboro Medical Center

Life at Bushnell

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Hear From Our Students

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"The Exercise Science Program NCU (Bushnell) helped to build on my passion for understanding the human body and how it moves, which is what drove me to the field of physical therapy and the opportunity to receive my doctorate degree from one of the top universities in not just the country, but the world."
-Emily Moon '19
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"I chose Kinesiology because I wanted to help people the best way I know how, serving people physically, with their physical needs. Kinesiology allows me to do so in an environment that best suits my strengths. The wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience that the professors in the kinesiology program have has been the most enjoyable part of the program."
-Preston Ferry '23
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"With the kinesiology degree and track for Bushnell I was able to continue pursuing my passion for health, fitness, and sports. With the kinesiology degree I have been able to further learn and developed my skills and knowledge about the human body, how it functions, but also am able to use this degree to purse many different jobs like ones in the medical field, or in physical therapy, athletic and personal training, and many other health and fitness related jobs."
-Kennedy Larson '24
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"I choose to come to Bushnell because of the great atmosphere in and outside of the classroom. The student to professor ratio is astounding and I found that I developed great friendships with several of my professors the first year."
-Analise Aubin '25
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Meet the Faculty

Heike McNeil, Ph.D. Program Director

“What makes the kinesiology program at Bushnell truly unique is the makeup of the program faculty. On one hand we deliver difficult science courses and help students achieve the standards required and desired by future graduate schools – but on the other hand we also have a program faculty who is a trained clinician so our students get very practical training as well – which sets them up for success in graduate schools and sets them apart for future jobs in the field of Kinesiology.”