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The School of Music and Performing Arts is a creative, educational, spiritual community helping talent find opportunity.

Students receive fundamental musical knowledge, practical experience, and leadership skills which prepare them for professional roles in Worship Arts, Production, Performance, Music Business, and Composition. Students are also prepared for advanced study at the graduate level.

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Kelly Ballard, D.Min.
Associate Dean, School of Music & Performing Arts


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Kelly Ballard, D.Min.
Associate Dean, School of Music & Performing Arts



Why Choose Bushnell?

The School of Music and Performing Arts is unique because it builds all of its music, business, and technology majors on a solid theoretical/practical musical core. Students who love music love Bushnell. Students often say that it is the non-hierarchical, cooperative, spiritual community that helps them flourish.

Competent and caring School of Music and Performing Arts staff and faculty teach a rigorous program that maximizes their remarkable experience and education through coursework, practicums, internships, and capstones. Students get to do and learn what they love most!

Program Overview


  • Composition
  • Music Business
  • Performance
  • Production
  • Worship Arts

Program Objectives

Graduates of this program will possess:

  • A thorough working knowledge of music
  • Highly developed performance and production skills
  • Refined leadership skills
  • Training as a worship leader, performing artist or technician, businessperson, composer

Highlighted Courses

MUS 101 Music Theory  

Both linear and aesthetic, mathematical and interpretive, Music Theory is the celebrated core course for all serious students of music.  Music Theory lays the foundation for all of the music major concentrations by teaching key musical fundamental components.

Music 225 The Worshipping Community 

Personal calling is understood in the context of the purpose, places, and practice of the corporate worshipping community.  Various styles, traditions, and expressions of worship arts are explored through theory and practice.

Music 240 The Christian Artist  

The role of the artist is examined through the lens of scripture and history.  The student will gain insight on how to thrive as a Christian artist.

Beacon Points of Pride

  • 100% of traditional undergraduates students graduate with at least 135 hours of field experience
  • 190 company and school internship and field experience partners
  • According to, a nationally recognized publisher of college resources and rankings, Bushnell University is ranked 2nd in the state of Oregon among fully accredited universities and colleges

    Career Opportunities

    Careers with a Bachelor’s degree in Music include:

    • Worship Pastor/Leader
    • Artist Manager
    • Booking Agent
    • Arranger
    • Composer
    • Audio Engineer
    • Creative Arts Director
    • Concert Promotions
    • Retail Sales Management
    • Business Manager
    • Director of Publicity
    • Publicist
    • Advertising Account Executive
    • Marketing Representative
    • Merchandiser
    • Tour Coordinator
    • Road Manager
    • Sales Executive

      Internship Sites

      Practical experience is found in professional music venues, churches, touring, and production companies.

      Life After Graduation

      A sampling of where our graduates are employed include:

      • Bushnell University
      • Churches
      • Brinoch (musical production firm)
      • Markey’s (event production)

      Life at Bushnell

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      Hear From Our Students

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      "I chose Bushnell because of the sense of community that is so well established, and the Christ-centered principles. I chose to study music because it has been the most powerful and forming part of my life. Bushnell has made ministry through music a wonderful possibility! Being a part of the Bushnell music department has provided a deep sense of fellowship that I have never experienced before. It is a challenging, but character building and rewarding group to be a part of."
      -Stephanie Sterling '25
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      "My degree, and the unique, hands-on, rich experience that the Music program at Bushnell University offers shot me up many lists and has provided me with many job offers. My current role as a Director of Technology for Markey's came as a direct result of the curriculum, experience, and relationships built via Bushnell's School of Music & Performing Arts."
      -Jacob Miller '21
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      "I chose to attend Bushnell due to its importance of keeping all studies Christ centered and it was one of the very few in the nation that had a Music Business degree option.  The behind the scenes of the music industry makes it possible for the music we listen to every day to reach us, and I wanted to be a part of something bigger like that! I have truly enjoyed the community of encouraging and loving individuals who have a passion for teaching and learning alongside me about music."
      -Tyler Powell '23
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      "Multiple mentors of mine went to this school, and, after visiting, I felt this is where God was calling me. Music has always been something I felt everyone can bond with. With a degree in Music: Worship Arts I have the ability of teaching music later in life and sharing this amazing gift. I find encouragement when I make mistakes and consistent advice on how to improve my musical abilities."
      -Jeremiah Reynolds '24
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      Meet the Dean

      Kelly Ballard, D.Min.

      Students who choose Bushnell University School of Music and Performing Arts will find a creative balance of old and new, a commitment to academic rigor, the opportunity to perform, and caring, spiritual relationships. School of Music and Performing Arts students are valued, appreciated, loved, safe, challenged, and celebrated. Students who study music ministry at Bushnell University will learn both conceptually and practically. Everyone has an opportunity to dream, explore, create, and present their unique artistic gifts!”

      The School of Music & Performing Arts Faculty

      Kelly Ballard, D.Min.    Gene Chin, D.M.A.    Nathan Poehlke, M.M.    Emily Weinkauf Kidder, MBA.MB