We, the students of Bushnell University, strive to ensure a voice in institutional affairs and protect the interests of the students. We do our best to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social development of the students of Bushnell University and promote positive communication between students, administration, and staff.

What is ASBU?

The Associated Students of Bushnell University (ASBU) is the official organization that exists to serve the undergraduate students. ASBU regularly meets and works with administration, faculty, and staff to represent student perspectives and concerns regarding institutional affairs. It is made up of Class Representatives, two At-Large Representatives, three Executive Vice President’s, the Controller, and the ASBU President. The objective of ASBU is to encourage students academically, spiritually, and socially.

ASBU Committees

ASBU has three standing committees – the Activities Committee, the Academic Committee, and the Campus Environment Committee whose work is to ensure that the voices of Bushnell University students are heard. The duties of the committees are the following:

The Academic Committee

The Academic Committee addresses issues related to curriculum, learning resources, faculty issues, and educational policies.

The Campus Environment Committee

The Campus Environment Committee addresses issues related to physical campus improvements, residence life, and food services.

The Activities Committee

The Activities Committee hosts events plan community building events and encourages broader community involvement, awareness, and service at Bushnell.

How to Become a Part of ASBU

There are many opportunities for students to be involved and a part of ASBU. The leadership roles include positions in the Executive Cabinet (President, Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Environment, Vice President of Activities), Senate (Class Representatives and At Large), and Controller.

To be an Office in an Executive Cabinet or Senate Position, students must attend an informational session hosted by the ASBU. Then they must formally declare their desire to run through a simple application process. After a period of time allotted for campaigning, the student body is invited to vote for one of the individuals running for each office.

The Controller is hired by the Executive Cabinet of ASBU. Those interested in being ASBU Controller must apply and interview with the Executive Cabinet in the Spring.

ASBU Governance

The ASBU Constitution

The ASBU Constitution outlines our Vision, Mission, and Purpose.

See the full ASBU Constitution.

The ASBU Bylaws

The ASBU Bylaws serve as the standard operating rules and regulations for ASBU. The Executive Cabinet is responsible for ensuring that the bylaws are adhered to.

See the full ASBU Bylaws.

Meet the ASBU 2021-2022 Executive Cabinet

ASBU 2021-2022 Executive Cabinet

ASBU President

Cameron Binaley

I am from Elk Grove, California, I like to read, and my favorite kind of pizza is Canadian bacon. BUT NO PINEAPPLE! I wanted to be a part of ASBU because I really love Bushnell University and wanted to improve upon ASBU to make our university a better place! 

ASBU VP of Academics

Brittany Ralston

Major: Exercise Science 

My position is Vice President of Academics. I wanted to be a part of ASBU so that the students may be represented in such a way that their academic needs could be heard throughout the school year!  

ASBU VP of Activities

Jordyn Ramos

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Communications 

I’m a senior at Bushnell and have been a part of many leadership teams. I wanted to be a part of ASBU so that I could advocate for students and help their thoughts and ideas become a part of campus. I was interested in the Activities committee because I love helping others have a good time! 

ASBU VP of Environment

Alvaro Molina

Major: Business Administrator – Marketing 

I am the VP of Environment, I got into ASBU to help students feel proud of our school and campus. I wanted to improve our campus, so students feel that they have space to express themselves.  

ASBU 2021-2022 Controller

Amber Whitehead 

Major: Secondary Education  

Minor: Mathematics 

Hi guys! I’m Amber and I am the controller for ASBU this year. I wanted to be part of ASBU this year because I wanted to continue impacting our campus in a positive way. One thing I am excited about this school year is getting the opportunity to host a clothing swap again for our campus, because who does not love free clothes!! 

ASBU 2021-2022 Senate

ASBU At-Large Representative for Commuters

Jasmine Aguilar

Major: Communication – Public Relations 

Minor: Creative Writing 

I am the at-large rep for the commuters. I was born and raised in Eugene/Springfield, OR and love exploring downtown Eugene with friends during our free time. I wanted to be apart of ASBU because I wanted to be an advocate for change at Bushnell and be a voice for our students, specifically our commuter students. 

ASBU Senior Representative

Awbrie Ammons-Jackson 

Major: Elementary Teacher Education 

I am this year’s Senior Class Representative. In my spare time, although limited, I love getting to spend quality time with the people that I care about. I wanted to be a part of ASBU because I have a passion for leadership, and I want everybody to feel like they have a voice and that their opinions and wants matter.  

ASBU Junior Representative

Jenna Ulery

Major: Youth Ministry & Psychology  

I am the Junior Representative. I wanted to be a part of ASBU because I love the privilege of planning events for the student body. 

ASBU Sophomore Representative

Gabe Fatooh

Major: International Business Major 

Minor: Interpersonal Communication  

I am the Sophomore Rep here at Bushnell University. I wanted to be a part of ASBU so that my classmates’ voices can be heard by our student government. 

ASBU Freshman Representative

Bethany Struthers 

Major: Elementary Teacher Education & Psychology 

I am the Freshmen rep, and on the environment committee. As freshmen rep I work with ASBU and the freshmen class to plan activities for the freshman class and help with other ASBU activities. I wanted to be part of ASBU so I could help make Bushnell University a fun place to be and work with the other students and members of ASBU to become involved.