ASBU encourages the student body to participate in and start a variety of different activities and interest groups on campus. The process of recognizing official student groups is designed to provide structure and support, including faculty sponsorship, possible Student Body funding, and access to campus bulletin boards and facilities. There are two opportunities during the school year for groups to be recognized by the ASBU Senate. The first occurs at the end of the spring semester, which will establish a group’s status for the upcoming school year. The second opportunity occurs within the first month of the fall semester for any group not recognized during the spring semester meeting.


Interested in Joining a Club Here at Bushnell?

Check out the clubs below and see if any of them interest you. If you are interested in joining a club at Bushnell, please contact the Office of Student Life at 541-684-7345.


How to Start a Club at Bushnell

Club applications will be available at the beginning of each semester. For questions, please contact the Office of Student Life at 541-684-7345.


Current Clubs at Bushnell

Catholic Club  

The purpose of the Catholic Club is to provide a space for Catholics on campus to learn about our Catholic faith, traditions, and the Church as well as learn about each other’s stories and backgrounds with the Catholic faith. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

To provide an opportunity for our student athletes to make a deeper commitment and investment in their pursuit of Jesus, while growing as leaders that will impact their teams, student body, and the Bushnell Athletic Department for the Kingdom of God. 

Community Service Club 

Our mission is to show people Christ by serving them humbly in love. We hope to develop a thriving, established club being driven by servant-hearted members who are passionate about serving God and others. 

Beacon Board Games Club 

Our mission is to give students a stress-free environment. School can be very stressful and we want to give students a place to meet new friends and play some games. 

Student Veterans Affairs 

To provide military Veterans and their families with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to thrive in higher education and life.  

Bushnell History Club 

The Bushnell History Club wishes to bring opportunities to learn, celebrate and share interest in History. The Bushnell History Club is an environment where we help one another achieve career goals that have a connection to history or use of a History Major or Minor. 

Pacific Islander Club 

We aim to continue what we have done with the club these past two years. As a club we represent a diverse group of students here on campus at Bushnell University. Our goal is to provide a safe place for students that represent the cultures and ethnicities of the islands of the Pacific. All are welcomed to come to our gatherings, but we want to make sure we can support most needs of the students that are from or represent the Pacific Islands.