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Over 85% of your college experience happens outside of the classroom and this where we come in.  There is always something to do on campus and in the college town of Eugene, Oregon.  Bushnell students are actively involved in a variety of activities, events, service opportunities, clubs, leadership roles, intramurals, and co-curricular programs including Beacon Athletics, Music, and Performing Arts.

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Signature EVENTS

We offer several signature programs that provide opportunities to come together in community. These events include  Beacon Madness (the ultimate pep rally), Week of Welcome, Family Weekend, the hosting of local and student bands and entertainers, game shows, a spring carnival, group trips to see the Portland Trail Blazers/Timbers/Thorns, Sophomore Year Experience, white water rafting, speakers on special topics, outdoor recreation, and more.

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Intramural SPORTS

If you love competing, enjoy being on a team, or want to venture into a new sport, Intramurals are a great way to get involved and stay active. Form your own team or join an existing group of friends, roommates, faculty, and staff in a regulated game of volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, powder puff football, and more. The program also offers outdoor recreation and fitness programming.

Associated Students of

The Associated Students of Bushnell University (ASBU) is the official student government organization that exists to serve Bushnell’s undergraduate students. ASBU regularly meets and works with administration, faculty, and staff to represent student perspectives and concerns regarding institutional affairs.

ASBU has three standing committees – the Activities Committee, the Academic Committee, and the Campus Environment Committee whose work is to ensure that the voices of Bushnell University students are heard.

Each year the ASBU pursues innovative projects and creates new services that will improve the quality of student life offered at Bushnell University.

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Clubs &

Students are encourage to participate in start clubs on campus based upon their interest.  Our clubs are approved and recognized by the ASBU Student Government which also provides structure and support to each approved club.  Examples of current and past clubs include: the Art Club, Black Student Union, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the History Club, Mission Awareness, Just Dance Club, Nerf Club, Outdoor Club, Pacific Islander Club, Spanish Club, and the Veteran Affairs Club.

Performing ARTS

Bushnell School of Music and Performing Arts is home to a dynamic community of musicians, creative technologists, and progressive faculty and staff.  The program is distinguished by our innovative curriculum, mentor approach to classroom teaching, focus on leadership in the professional musical setting, and our location in Eugene Oregon, highly rated for its performing arts culture.

With a core belief in excellence, ownership, effective leadership, rigorous creativity and collaborative learning, our programs embrace community in and outside of the University across performance disciplines to create work inspired by professionalism, authenticity, imagination and relevance.

Within the School of Music and Performing Arts, students have the opportunity to major or minor in music and be a part of our various musical groups.


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Paul Wright, M.A.

Director of Student Programs


Jonathan Kurtz, M.Div.

Coordinator for Student Programs


Meet the Staff

Paul Wright, M.A.
Student Programs Director

“Bushnell offers the opportunituy for you to start a club, an intramural team, organize a Beacon Night, and run for student body president. These opportunities are formative to our character and help us discover our calling.

College is a time you can get involved and try out so many interests and see which ones really connect with you; college is a time to go for it. It’s a time to stretch yourself and take on a lot so that you can figure out what you really want to do and so that is what I would encourage students.”