School of Arts and Sciences
Connie Diffenderfer, M.Phil.
Interim Instructor of English

M. Phil., Bushnell University
B.A., Bushnell University

Ph.D. student at Old Dominion University

Connie earned her Master of Philosophy in English Literature here at Bushnell University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in English at Old Dominion University. Her program emphases are Literary and Cultural Studies and Rhetoric, Writing, and Discourse Studies. Her previous research has examined the intersections of philosophical and literary discourses surrounding otherness and hospi­tality, and she is deeply interested in bringing these ideas into the classroom as students explore the richness of exemplary literature together as a community of readers. As an English instructor, she teaches a variety of writing and literature courses; her favorite courses tend to be whatever she is teaching at the time.

When in leisure mode, Connie most enjoys spending time with her family, especially in outdoor pursuits. She prefers to spend her summers in hiking boots, rafts, kayaks, and hammocks. She and her husband, Pete, treasure the moments they get to spend with their three adult children.