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Take your knowledge and career to the next level. The online MBA at Bushnell University is designed for professionals seeking to expand their business knowledge, skills, and abilities. This program will complement your work experience and expand your career opportunities, equipping you with the support, guidance, and resources you need to succeed personally and professionally.

Credits 36 | Cost/Credit $740 | Completion 12-24 Months | Format Online | Starts Per Year Three

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JaiLeigh Wiren
Admissions Counselor, MBA Program


Latrissa Lee Neiworth, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Business, Leadership & Technology


Why Choose Bushnell?

Complete your MBA in as little as 12 months while you learn and grow under the guidance of faculty with rich, real-world experience. Bushnell University’s MBA program is ranked one of the top MBA programs in Oregon. This 100% online program allows working adults to study anytime from anywhere, giving you the flexibility needed to fit school into an already hectic schedule.

Program Overview

  • 3 starts per year
  • No GRE or GMAT required
  • 8-week courses
  • 100% online


  • Management & Leadership
  • Non-Profit Leadership

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the online MBA program, candidates will be able to demonstrate:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the core principles and concepts related to business administration
  • Effective communication, both written and oral, relative to different business environments and situations
  • Knowledge and understanding of the role of Christian leadership, ethics, and service in effectively addressing business management issues and decisions
  • Literacy regarding recent management trends through the use of leading business information sources, current publications, and other available audio-video, online, or in-text resources
  • An ability to integrate all aspects of their learning, understanding, knowledge, and skills concerning business


  1. How much does the program cost?

Current tuition and fees are listed here.  The MBA program is 36 credits. Students should also factor in the cost of textbooks.

  1. How long does it take to complete the program?

The MBA program can be completed on either a 12-month or 24-month track. Students doing the 12-month track take 2 classes at a time. The 24-month track is just 1 class at a time. Classes are 8 weeks long.

  1. Do I have to have an undergraduate degree in business? 

No, your undergraduate degree can be in any subject area.

  1. How is the MBA different from the Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) in Business?

The MBA focuses on the “nuts and bolts” of finance, economics, business analytics, and accounting and includes topics of leadership, ethics and personnel management. The MAL is focused on broad-spectrum leadership, human capital, and how to lead people in an organization.

  1. Can I work while doing this program?

Absolutely! Most of our online MBA students are simultaneously working part or full time while attending. Courses can be completed 100% online and there are no required log-on times.

  1. Is Bushnell accredited?

Yes. Bushnell University is regionally accredited with the Northwest Commission on Colleges & Universities (NWCCU). Additionally, the School of Business Leadership and Technology has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Have other questions? Contact our admission counselor for the MBA program at 541-684-7201.

Admissions Requirements

Application Requirements

  • Free application for admission.
  • Official transcript showing completion of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university (3.0 cumulative GPA) and transcripts for any subsequent academic work.
  • A Statement of Purpose (500 words) showing skills in written communication and addressing how the online MBA relates to your personal and professional goals.
  • Current resume.

Special Considerations

Students who do not meet GPA requirements may apply for conditional admission to the program. Bushnell University evaluates applicants holistically, evaluating academic progress as well as work and personal experience in the admissions process. Students may provide a one-page description of the previous academic history results, with an explanation of how they intend to be successful at the graduate level.


JaiLeigh Wiren
Admissions Counselor, MBA Program


Latrissa Lee Neiworth, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Business, Leadership & Technology



Core Courses
For full course descriptions, visit our academic catalog.

  • Business Ethics
  • Managerial Finance
  • Strategy and Managerial Decision-Making
  • Managerial Economics
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Executive Leadership Seminar & Capstone

Management & Leadership

  • Leadership Strategies
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations and Service Management
  • Choose one additional course from the following:

Non-Profit Leadership

  • Market Strategy
  • Volunteer Leadership
  • Legal and Ethical Issues for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Chose one of the following:
    • Great Leaders
    • Leadership and Mission Fulfillment
  • Chose one of the following:
      • Operations and Service Management
      • Human Resource Management


Bushnell University has received specialized accreditation for its business program through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), located in Lenexa, Kansas. For a list of accredited programs, refer to our IACBE member status page.

Pepperdine University Partnership

Bushnell University offers an accelerated program where students enrolled in the online MBA or Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) can also pursue conditional enrollment in the hybrid EDOL (Ed.D.) Doctorate Program at Pepperdine University.

This program allows students to take up to two doctoral-level courses from Pepperdine, which can be counted towards their master’s degree at Bushnell, providing a head start on a prestigious doctoral degree. Additionally, students in this program benefit from expert faculty mentorship, access to professional seminars and virtual learning opportunities, and the integration of Christian values in their education.

Employers of our MBA Students & Alumni

  • University of Oregon
  • Disney
  • Bushnell University
  • Jenzabar
  • Mt. Hood Community College
  • Lane County Government
  • ALS Association
  • Human Resources Department
  • Accounting Firm (Executive)
  • Desitnations Career Academy

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"Bushnell University's MBA program had a huge impact on me. It taught me everything I needed to know about business, from leadership to marketing, and helped me develop critical thinking skills that I use every day. The program also gave me opportunities to grow professionally and personally through networking and mentorship. But most importantly, it instilled in me a sense of social responsibility and inspired me to make a positive impact on society.” 

-Miles Adkisson '18

"The program at Bushnell helped me to think critically, communicate concisely and develop my leadership capacity. I was challenged by the rigor of the core classes and gained valuable knowledge in accounting, statistics, and operations. These courses gave me the confidence and foundational skills to understand business concepts and make informed, strategic decisions. I appreciated how I could apply what I was learning in the classroom to my daily work and how I could apply what I was learning in my courses to the work I was doing every day at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Emerald Valley.” 

-Shelly Williams '23

"The MBA program at Bushnell University was instrumental in improving my business acumen, expanding my professional network, preparing me for career advancement, and increased earning potential. As a result of the program, I gained valuable knowledge, skills, and connections that have enabled me to succeed in my professional endeavors. The MBA program equipped me with a comprehensive skill set and knowledge base essential for success in various business roles, including leadership positions. Through the program, I developed and enhanced my strategic thinking and analytical skills, which are highly valued in today's business landscape." 

-Johnathan Boggs '18, MBA '23

"The MBA program helped me learn about the internal aspects of upper management within an organization. The types of decisions made, how things are communicated, and how data is used for making business decisions. I was trying to make a career transition from sales and service management to human resources. I decided to pursue my MBA to help with this transition.
I selected Bushnell because it was local and 100% online. I had a family and a 50 hour a week job, and the Bushnell program allowed the flexibility to pursue my educational goals and arrange my studies around my work and home life. The Bushnell program offered structure in the course and the framework of the program but a tremendous amount of flexibility in what I chose to study." 

-Ken Dasch '18

Meet the Faculty

Peter Diffenderfer, Ph.D. Program Faculty

“Choosing to pursue an MBA degree from Bushnell University provides students a unique opportunity to learn cutting-edge business concepts and practices from professionally experienced and academically prepared instructors from a variety of industries and disciplines.

Small class sizes and asynchronous online course delivery support working adult’s unique and oftentimes demanding lifestyles while offering support of, and flexibility for, student-faculty interaction – including mentoring and professional networking.”