The new residence hall shifts the center of gravity for campus life to the north side of 11th Avenue. This requires a central gathering place.

Our new 15,000 square foot Student Commons meets these needs with a spacious atmosphere for an inviting dining hall, large outdoor patio, and a second-floor student center with an expansive deck overlooking the mill race.

The dining hall will have the capacity to serve up to 600 with a variety of restaurant-style choices of hot entrees, cook-to-order selections, and to-go options. Above the dining hall will be 6,000 square feet of flexible space where students can unwind and balance the intensity of study with lighthearted fun.

Our students need a welcoming and safe space where they can be together—family style. The Student Commons will be our campus “living room” where students can play a game of pingpong, watch a movie, host an open mic night, make a date, plan a project, or lounge on the balcony. A true community hub, the Student Commons will be the place where students make lifelong memories, share meaningful conversations, play, dream, and simply experience life together.

The cost of building the new Student Commons will be $9,000,000.

Read more about the new Student Commons in the Summer 2021 edition of The Beacon magazine.

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