Who can use the library?

Membership is free for current Bushnell faculty, staff, and students, Oregon ministers, members of the Board of Trustees, Alumni (for the first year after graduation), and students of both Lane Community College and the University of Oregon. A $15 membership fee is due prior to borrowing materials for Alumni (after the first year beyond graduation), community members, Friends of the Library, and students of New Hope Bible College. Everyone in the library must abide by the Library Behavior Policy. Some library resources are available to everyone, and some are available only to current Bushnell students, faculty, and staff who are logged in to My.Bushnell.

Where is the Library located?

The library is located on Kincaid Street near 11th Avenue in Eugene, Oregon.

How do I use the Library?

Come visit the library during open hours, or use our online resources 24 hours a day.

The Library’s Mission, Values, and Purpose

The library’s mission: To connect individuals to information, knowledge, and thought and support their development as competent, ethical learners and leaders. The library’s core values:

  • Individual Growth and Promise: We believe in nurturing people, helping them to believe in and achieve their potential. Our desire is to provide opportunities for learning and personal growth.
  • Service: We strive to recognize the needs of others and seek opportunities to serve them as best we can.
  • Stewardship: We are committed to the highest utilization of the resources entrusted to us. We embrace hard work, care of assets, and fiscal responsibility. Of all our resources, human resources are our most valued, so we honor people’s time, needs, ideas, and efforts.
  • Respect People: We respect the diversity and individuality of all people. We respect an individual’s right to privacy. We respect an individual’s right to seek and access information freely.
  • Faith: Christian faith is our foundation and is reflected in our words, actions, and attitudes.

The library’s core purpose: To foster individual God-given potential and develop Christ-like global citizens.

Special Collections (Rare Materials and Materials with Historical value)

Rare Books & Bible Collection

The Bushnell Bible Collection includes rare Bible translations and editions that trace the history of the English Bible. The Wright Collection includes Bible translations from many world languages. Also included are Babylonian clay tablets and facsimiles of other rare books and manuscripts. College Archives Publications, records, alumni biographies, photographs, and memorabilia covering the history of Bushnell and its predecessor institutions. Disciples Historical Collection Books, newspapers, photographs, church histories, and other material related to the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), emphasizing churches in the Northwest. Hymn Books Early Christian hymns by Alexander Campbell and Protestant hymnals and psalters from 1761 to the present. Kendall Collection Children’s literature, including many award-winning books by contemporary and religious authors. Museum Artifacts and other items, including African, Asian, Native American, and pioneer. Northwest History Books about the history, people, and other topics dealing with Oregon as well as rare early Oregon imprints and fine editions.

How do I access the Bushnell University Library catalog?

Use EBSCO Discovery (be sure to log in to My.Bushnell first), our online tool for finding books, CDs, DVDs, articles and more.

How can I use Library resources off campus?

First Steps for Current Students, Faculty, Staff. Obtain a Bushnell Network account by signing an “Acceptable Use Policy” found on Bushnell’s web page under My.Bushnell. Mail or fax the signed document. (Fax # 541-684-7307) It may take up to 48 hours from the time we receive the Acceptable Use Policy until you are able to logon to the network. If you have problems or questions, call the IT dept. 541-684-7272 or submit a help ticket via My.Bushnell.

How can I get a Library card?

Obtain a Bushnell ID card with your picture and a barcode. The Bushnell ID card is your library card. It can be used to request books online from our OPALL catalog. Please also present it to check out materials on campus from the Circulation Desk at the library. Your Bushnell ID card also allows you to check out books directly from the University of Oregon Knight Library, OPALL, WorldCat, and through Interlibrary Loans. You must obtain a sticker on the back of your card for the current term to authorize you as current student/faculty/staff. The sticker is available in the Bushnell University Business Office.

How long can Library materials be checked out?

Journals and Reference books cannot be checked out
Material TypeUndergraduateGraduateFaculty
BooksThree weeksTwo monthsThree months
Videos & CDsSeven daysSeven daysOne month

What services are available for printing or photocopying?

Black/white and color printing is available from library computers, and most online databases provide an option to email documents. One photocopier/printer is available for public use. The printer/copier requires a print/copy card and cost $.05 per page, with a one time charge of $.50 for the card. Cards may be purchased at the circulation desk. One copier also has a coin-op option that charges $.10 per page. Printing/copying is free for faculty for school related use. Please inquire at the circulation desk.

How can I check out materials from the library?

Please fill out a Bushnell library patron application form with your campus address and permanent address, email, etc. We need this information to put you into our automated circulation system. The form is found at the library circulation desk or on the library web page on the drop down menu under “check out materials.”

How can I see what I have checked out and renew a book online?

Using your Bushnell ID Card, log into the OPALL catalog. Click “Patron” on the top bar. Type your barcode and last name, click “login,” to see your circulation records. To renew an item, check the renew box in front of the item and click “Renew items”. You may renew books twice and media once, unless a hold has been placed on the item by another person.

What is OPALL?

The Online Private Academic Library Link is a consortium of eight private college and university libraries in Oregon and Washington. The OPALL catalog accesses the combined collections of the seven Oregon Christian colleges and universities within OPALL. Users may search the combined catalog or limit their searches to Bushnell. Materials at any other OPALL library can be requested directly from the catalog (see below).

How can I request a book online from another OPALL Library?

The online catalog, OPALL, allows you to request books online using your Bushnell ID card with your last name and barcode number.

  1. Select the item you want to request and check that the item’s status is “not charged.”
  2. Click on the “Request” button.
  3. Type your barcode number and last name, click “login”
  4. Choose type of request and click OK.
  5. Type in “Pick up at: ncNWCC Library”, type in your barcode again.
  6. Click “submit”

Bushnell library will contact you when your requested item has arrived. If you need help or have a problem contact Robin Hartman, Student Success and Instruction Librarian, 541-684-7278.

How can I get materials not in OPALL

Check the UO catalog (see “How can I check out material from U of O…”). Check “Worldcat” on OCLC first search. You can request an interlibrary loan from other libraries by filling out an interlibrary loan request for, directly from Worldcat, or on the library web page, click on the drop down menu under “Checkout materials,” “policies,” “interlibrary loan,” to find the form. Our library has access to millions of titles from libraries throughout the U.S. Interlibrary loan forms are also available at the library circulation desk.

How can I put books and other materials on reserve?

Circulating books, reference books, journal articles, objects, etc. may be placed on reserve for students at the circulation desk. The reserve borrowing period can range from one hour to three days. You may also put a personal copy of a book or other materials on reserve. Personal copies and reference books cannot be taken out of the library building.

Use the Library Reserve Form which can be found either at the circulation desk or online. Indicate how long students can check out the reserve. If you put a photocopy on reserve , write the bibliographic citation on the top of the first page to comply with copyright laws.

How can I find a journal?

The library subscribes to over 265 print journals. The latest issues are shelved alphabetically in the current periodicals area. Back issues are located in the Bound Periodical Room. Indexing for journals can be found through our online databases or print indexes.

How can I suggest books and media for the library collection?

We encourage you as experts in your subject field to request books and media which will enhance the library’s collection and will be useful for students in your classes. You may send suggestions from brochures, fliers, catalogs to the library’s Technical Services Librarian. There is also an online request form on the library’s webpage under “Faculty services.” Use the drop down menu and click on “Title Request.” Please be sure to include your name on all requests. Those without a name may not be ordered. Please plan ahead if you need materials by a certain date since some materials may take 4 – 6 weeks to arrive. Materials for the library collection should fall under the guidelines of the Collection Development Policy. For example, the library generally does not order textbooks for the library collection. The library director has the final authority over all selection decisions.

How do I request a librarian to come to my class?

We want to visit your classes and encourage you to invite us. Requests can be made via email, librarian@bushnell.edu. Please contact the librarian well before your desired class date, so a most beneficial and effective session can be planned.

What kind of resources are available at the library?

The library contains over 75,000 books, journals, newspapers, online research databases, and media materials, including CDs, DVDs, videos, cassettes, slides, media kits, and much more. The library includes recreational/fun materials in our Browsing Collection. The Kendall Collection includes children’s books from pre-school -high school. Special collections include BU archives, rare books and Bibles, Disciples Historical, and more.

How can I get a library card?

Your Bushnell ID card is your library card. It can be used long distance to request books online from our OPALL catalog. Please also present it to check out materials on campus from the Circulation Desk at the library.

How can I check out material from UO Knight library?

Your Bushnell ID card allows you to check out books directly from the University of Oregon Knight Library (you cannot check out videos or other media). You must obtain a sticker on the back of your card for the current term to authorize you as current faculty/student/staff. Pick up your sticker in the Bushnell Business Office. There is a link to their catalog on the Kellenberger Library web page. You are responsible for paying your own fines and fees at the UO Business Office in Oregon Hall.

How is Bushnell Kellenberger Library organized?

Books are classified by the Dewey Decimal Classification system and are located on three levels of the library. Journals are on the first floor in the “Periodical Room” and arranged alphabetically. Videos (DVD and VHS) and CD’s are on the first floor near the circulation desk. Other media are stored behind the circulation desk.