Over 90% of Bushnell University students depend on financial support. Donations made to scholarship funds allow students to take fewer loans and incur less debt. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of students!

What are Endowed Scholarships?

Endowed scholarships consist of donations to funds which are set aside for permanent investment in order to produce a dependable stream of scholarship support. The creation of an endowed scholarship provides for sustainable support in perpetuity. Endowed scholarships can be established in the name of you, the donor or in recognition or memory of a family member or beloved faculty member.

Quick Facts about Endowed Scholarships:

  • With a minimum of $25,000, you may establish an individual named endowment at Bushnell. Your contribution may be funded with cash, securities, or real estate, and may be pledged over a five-year period if desired. Once an endowment is established, you or your family members or friends may add to it at any time.
  • At the time you establish your endowment, you may decide how the earnings from your fund will be spent.
  • All endowment funds are professionally invested among diverse asset classes with a goal of producing above-average, long-term returns with acceptable risk limits. The University spends approximately 4.5-5% of the total endowment value annually, based on an established endowment spending policy as governed by the University‚Äôs Board of Trustees.

For more information on how to establish an endowed scholarship fund, email Dr. Keith Potter, Vice President for Advancement, or call 541-349-7439.