Full-time Student Teaching is the culminating field placement of the Teacher Education program and takes place during the student’s final semester. In this placement, the candidate is required to maintain full-time teacher hours at the school for a minimum of 15 full weeks (600 hours). The initial emphasis for the teacher candidate is on developing competence in observing, planning, and providing instruction. Under the guidance of the Cooperating Teacher and Bushnell University Field Supervisor, the Teacher Candidate gradually assumes greater and greater responsibility for instruction and classroom management, eventually assuming full responsibility in the teacher role for a period of at least three full weeks. It is expected that the Teacher Candidate’s participation in instructional activities will gradually increase until full responsibility is achieved. Following the period of full responsibility, the Teacher Candidate will gradually give instruction and classroom management back to the Cooperating Teacher.

Generally, the Student Teaching experience should provide opportunities for the Teacher Candidate to:

  • Become closely identified with the groups of students and/or classroom; understand students as individuals and as groups; begin developing effective ways of working in a classroom as a teacher; strengthen classroom management skills
  • Observe a successful and experienced teacher and have the opportunity to question and discuss with that teacher the purpose and results of specific teacher behaviors and strategies
  • Assess the level of achievement of individuals and groups of students; design instructional activities appropriate to achievement levels
  • Plan and implement cohesive units of instruction, drawing upon subject matter knowledge, appropriate curriculum materials, and utilizing a variety of teaching methods
  • Create, plan, and teach the edTPA Learning Segment
  • Interact with school personnel and participate in staff meetings; develop effective communication skills and gain a more complete understanding of the school’s philosophy
  • Analyze personal teaching effectiveness as a means to becoming a self-directed teacher