Becoming a teacher is a wonderful way to use the gifts that God has given you to inspire young people in life-changing ways. As you study teacher education at Bushnell University, you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to become a highly qualified teacher.

Completion of this program will result in the recommendation to the Teacher Standards & Practices Commission of Oregon (TSPC) for an initial teaching license in early childhood, elementary, middle, or secondary level education.

Students will learn to implement strong classroom management, best teaching practices, well-crafted lesson plans, and useful assessment tools. You will also get a strong understanding of what is expected of teachers and students for state standards and benchmarks. All this takes place amid a liberal arts Christian university where your knowledge is broadened, your faith is deepened, and your ethics are grounded.

Graduate Outcomes

Recent graduates of the education program have found careers and opportunities in a range of fields including:

  • Graduate school for counseling, education, and ministry
  • Various teaching positions in K-12
  • Higher education institutions
  • Local recreational programs

School of Education Statistics

Light the Way – Student Research Team

With Professors Kathy Owen and Bill Fritz, we have been studying the experiences and impact of Bushnell University education graduates. Through annual surveys and monthly check-ins, we are learning from the experiences of our teachers. We have also researched licensure requirements for several western states and are assembling resources for public and private schools.

Courses in the Teacher Education Major

Prerequisites for Teacher Education

  • Foundations of Education
  • School Diversity
  • Technology for Teaching and Learning
  • General Psychology

Requirements for Teacher Education

  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Junior Field Experience
  • Classroom Relations and Management
  • School Law
  • Faith Integration in Teaching Seminar
  • Second Authorization Practicum
  • EdTPA Support Seminar
  • Senior Field Experience
  • Student Teaching
  • Choose one of the required concentrations:
    • Elementary Teacher Education Concentration
    • Secondary Teacher Education Concentration

Prerequisites for Elementary Teacher Education Concentration

  • Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I & II

Requirements for Elementary Teacher Concentration

  • Child Development
  • Elementary Literacy Methods and Children’s Literature
  • Elementary Math and Science Methods
  • P.E. and Health Methods
  • Visual Arts and Social Studies Methods

Prerequisites for Secondary Teacher Education Concentration

  • College Mathematics (unless earning a math endorsement)

Requirements for Secondary Teacher Education Concentration

(Required in addition to content endorsement classes)

  • Literacy Methods for All Content Areas
  • Adolescent Learners
  • Choose two methods classes
    • Secondary Science Methods
    • Secondary Math Methods
    • Secondary Social Studies Methods
    • Secondary Language Arts Methods

Endorsement Areas

Endorsement Areas for Teacher Education

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Integrated Science
  • Language Arts
  • Multiple Subject Elementary
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education
  • World Languages: Spanish

Course Requirements for Endorsement Area

Basic Mathematics

  • College Mathematics
  • Precalculus
  • Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
  • Discrete Mathematics

Advanced Mathematics

  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Calculus I & II
  • Applied Statistics
  • Linear Algebra
  • Advanced Geometry

English for Speakers of Other Languages

  • ESOL Practicum
  • Introduction to Comparative Linguistics
  • English Grammar & Syntax
  • Theory & Methods
  • Teaching Oral & Literature Skills

Integrated Sciences

  • Principles of Living Organisms
  • Principles of Biodiversity
  • General Chemistry
  • Introduction to Geology
  • Historical Geology
  • Meteorology/Oceanography
  • Introduction to Mechanics
  • Meteorology & Astronomy

Language Arts

  • Introduction to Literature
  • Survey of American Literature
  • Survey of British Literature
  • World Literature
  • Multiethnic Grammar & Syntax
  • Any Upper Division English Elective

Multiple Subject Elementary Endorsement

  • Child Development & Learning Theory
  • Interdisciplinary Methods
  • Elementary Literacy Methods & Children’s Literature
  • Elementary Mathematics Methods
  • Elementary Practicum

Social Studies

  • Sociology or Cultural Anthropology
  • Microeconomics or Macroeconomics
  • World Culture & Political Geography
  • Ancient Near Eastern & Mediterranean Civilizations
  • Modern European Culture & the World
  • History of American International Relations
  • Social Psychology
  • Intercultural Communication


  • First-Year Spanish
  • Second-Year Spanish
  • Spanish Phonetics
  • Advanced Spanish Conversation & Composition
  • Hispanic Culture & Civilization
  • Religion & History of the Americas
  • Latino Society & Culture in the U.S.
  • Teaching Foreign Language Methods

School of Education Application Process

Students who have completed approximately 60 semester credits and are ready to begin major classes are required to apply for admission into the School of Education at Bushnell University.