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Take your education to the next level by developing a robust combination of knowledge and high-level skills to put you on a fast track towards earning your Master’s Degree and open your career path to enriching possibilities.

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Latrissa Lee Neiworth, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Business, Leadership & Technology


Why Choose Bushnell?

The accelerated dual degree pathway provides two options that are available to traditional undergraduate and online/evening students. You can choose between a Bachelor’s of Science in either Accounting or Business Administration while simultaneously pursuing either your MBA or Master of Arts in Leadership or a Bachelor’s of Science in either Kinesiology: Coaching and Athletic Administration or Business Administration while simultaneously pursuing your Master of Arts in Spots Management.

Accepted students replace two undergraduate courses with two graduate-level courses during their senior year. After completing your bachelor’s degree, you’ll continue directly into the online graduate program while gaining professional work experience. Students are also eligible to apply for a unique dual degree assistantship, which could save up to 25% off their graduate school tuition.

Business Track Overview

Undergraduate degrees to choose from:

Graduate degrees to choose from:

Sports Management Track Overview

Undergraduate degrees to choose from:

Graduate degrees to choose from:

Program Benefits

Accelerated completion: A direct path and preadmission to a graduate program allows students to complete the bachelor’s and master’s degree efficiently.

Financial Savings: Undergraduates take their two  graduate-level courses at the undergraduate tuition rate – saving of $4,000+

Regular Mentorship: Every student in the dual enrollment program is paired with a School of Business, Leadership & Technology (SBLT) faculty mentor to help develop their skills and apply what they learn to real-world situations. Students and their faculty mentor will meet every semester for the duration of the pathway.

Tuition assistance: Up to 10 graduate assistantships will be available annually for students to earn work experience while in the MBA pathway. Dual-enrolled students will be eligible to apply for these during the fall semester of their senior year. Assistantships are competitively awarded and could equal a 25% graduate tuition scholarship in exchange for 10 hours of work per week through the SBLT, Bushnell Admissions, Bushnell Advancement, or another area of the University. Students may apply and compete each fall for an assistantship. Cannot be combined with Bushnell’s Vision and Call Internship Program.

Admissions Requirements

Eligible applicants to the dual enrollment pathway must:

  • Be currently enrolled in the online or daytime undergraduate program at Bushnell University in any of the following areas: accounting, business, kinesiology; Coaching and Athletic Administration concentration
  • Students must have at least one-year left in their undergraduate degree to be eligible for the dual pathway
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Apply by the annual deadline for enrollment in the pathway – August 1st*

Students who are accepted for dual enrollment must:

  • Maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • Complete at least 90 semester credits of undergraduate coursework before beginning their graduate-level courses
  • Complete and pass the graduate orientation course, including two assessment exams, during their senior undergraduate year
  • Meet with their SBLT faculty mentor at least once per semester for the duration of the pathway
  • Work at least part-time during the graduate program (after completion of the bachelor’s degree)**

*Applications will be available in the fall of 2023 for assistantships during the 2024-2025 academic year.

** Assistantship work fulfills the part-time work requirement for the dual enrollment pathway.

Transferring Credits

Already have credits? Click here for information on transferring credits. 


Office of Admissions


Latrissa Lee Neiworth, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Business, Leadership & Technology



Program Objectives

Graduates of this program will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts and principles of Accounting
  • Verify, organize, analyze, and apply data and use quantitative decision-support tools to provide effective solutions to accounting problems
  • Identify ethical issues and apply ethical principles and Christian values to organizational decision making
  • Demonstrate effective professional communication skills


Bushnell University has received specialized accreditation for its business program through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), located in Lenexa, Kansas. For a list of accredited programs, refer to our IACBE member status page.


Life After Graduation

A sampling of where our graduates are employed includes:

  • Disney
  • Bushnell University
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Sheldon High School
  • Lululemon
  • Northwest Community Credit
  • Oregon Community Credit
  • Western Governors University
  • Portland State University
  • Brinoch LLC
  • Tethrow Resort
  • SJA Enterprises
  • Business Mentors
  • Total Performance Logistics
  • Pak Tech
  • Moss Adams
  • Houch Evarts Company, LLC
  • Isler Northwest, LLC
  • Jones & Roth CPAs and Business Advisors
  • Zirkle, Long & Associates
  • Lime
  • Guild Log and Timber
  • Private Tax Firms
  • Willamette Water Company

Business Partners

  • Holt International
  • Base Builder
  • Kidsports
  • Roseburg Forest Products
  • The Boys and Girls Club
  • Columbia Bank
  • Whitmire & Associates
  • Elk Horn Building
  • Hood River Mortgage Group
  • Beaudet Jewelry
  • Moss Adams
  • Buchholz & Garber
  • Al Houck
  • Isler Northwest LLC
  • Cushman CPA
  • Zirkle, Long & Associates
  • Jones & Roth
  • Northwest Community Credit Union
  • Edward Jones

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Hear From Our Students

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"The 4+1 dual degree program has allowed me to deepen my connections at Bushnell and stay involved in meaningful activities on campus that I would not have been able to otherwise. I have made connections and strengthened relationships as a result of this program.
I chose the 4+1 dual degree program because I wanted to maximize my time and resources and taken advantage of being able to begin my master's degree while still being an undergraduate student. The flexibility provided as a result of this has been critical in being able to complete the program in one year while still staying involved all over campus.
The 4+1 dual degree program has prepared me for my future career by giving me hands on opportunities to grow and learn about myself and what it means to be a leader. Additionally, the mentor component of the program has given me excellent insight into the professional world and invaluable advice as I have navigated my program.” 
-Jamison Hanson '24
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"The 4 + 1 Accelerated Dual Degree program has impacted my career here at Bushnell by giving me an opportunity to begin my MBA degree while completing my undergraduate degree. By taking this pathway, I became eligible to apply for an assistantship position to save me money and gain professional work experience. Being a part of this program has given me the opportunity to begin taking MBA classes in my final semester of my undergraduate to accelerate the pace at which I graduate.
I chose this program because I felt it would best prepare me for my future, save me money, and get me employment in my profession. I wanted to continue my education where I knew I would learn the necessary skills to be successful in my career and the 4 + 1 Dual Degree has made it accessible for me to do so. It has also given me the opportunity to move quickly through my program meanwhile getting hands-on experience working under professionals at the school. It also gave me a chance to stay connected with the amazing professors here at Bushnell.” 
-Leslie Reynaga '24
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"This program has given me the opportunity to kickstart graduate education as an undergraduate. This not only helped me financially, but allowed me to take more challenging classes that expanded my knowledge in the field of business. Throughout this dual degree pathway, I have deepened my connection with my professors, who have dedicated much of their time and expertise to helping me develop as a professional and student. I primarily chose this program because it was a perfect transition into the master’s program. If I chose to continue my education at Bushnell, it provided the opportunity to save a significant amount of money by completing classes as an undergrad. When I first decided to take this on, I did not realize the many other positives this program would bring me, despite financial benefit. I had the opportunity to take more challenging classes, with knowledgeable instructors, for the same price as undergraduate classes. These classes provided a more rigorous and high level learning experience than that of my undergrad. I am thankful for the knowledge that I was able to gain from this program.” 
-Halle Neumann '24
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person smiling in front of wall
"The 4+1 has had a huge impact on my academic career at Bushnell. It allowed me to get a jumpstart on my master's courses which in turn has lightened my class load in my MASM program. It also saved me money because I was taking master's degree classes at the price of undergraduate classes. I chose the 4+1 because I knew I was going to get my master's at Bushnell. I had an extra year of eligibility for volleyball, so staying a 5th year to get my master's in sports management could not have worked out better for my path. The 4+1 made transitioning from in person classes to online classes a lot easier by giving me a mentor, letting me take classes early, and introducing us to our 4+1 cohort, so we knew who to reach out to if we needed help.” 
-Peyton Ritchie '24
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"Bushnell offering the Accelerated Duals Program allows me to graduate with my MBA in a timelier manner. Professors have inspiring advice for setting both career goals and life goals and have endless contacts they are so willing to connect you with. I’ve learned how to manage my time, how important community is, how to prioritize, and most importantly, leaning on God through the chaos, stress, struggles, as well as recognizing God’s blessings amidst. I believe that although Bushnell offers so much, they thrive in their ability to care for students. Bushnell not only wants what's best for their students’ academic success but the overall well-being of every student.” 
-McKayla Williams '24
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"A master's degree is becoming increasingly more valuable, so participating in an Accelerated Dual Program saves tuition costs and allows me to graduate quicker by getting dual course credit for my undergraduate and master's degrees. Bushnell University provides me with crucial skills, knowledge, and practical experience to be successful in the business world. In addition to gaining business knowledge, I'm developing lifelong analytical and evaluative skills, which benefit my career but also allow me to manage my life more efficiently, allowing me to become a better human being.” 
-Savannah Marler '23
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"The Accelerated Duals program is a benefit for me in that I work full time as well as a full time wife/mother and it allows me to move quickly through the program. I chose to come back to school in order to finish my degree so that I could further advance my career. I love being able to go to school completely online as it allows me to fit my education into my schedule. If I would not have been able to take all my classes online school would not have been an option to me.” 
-Jennifer Violette '24
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Meet the Dean

Latrissa Lee Neiworth, Ed.D.

“The School of Business, Leadership, and Technology brings together all the critical elements needed to be successful in today’s world — business acumen, inclusive leadership, and cutting-edge technology.

When combined with our mission of wisdom, faith, and service, we offer an experience unparalleled by any other university of our size across the U.S.  We see it every day in our graduates, who are successfully helping to change the world for the better in a wide variety of professional fields.”