Throughout the academic year, various programs across the Bushnell athletic department will offer camps on campus. The camp serves as a great opportunity for prospective student-athletes to allow their skills to shine in front of the coaches at Bushnell University, while also fostering a competitive environment where many of the northwest’s top recruits will convene.

Information will be posted on this page as new camp information is supplied for each program throughout the year.

Cross Country/Track ID Camp – January 14-15, 2022

Come see for yourself what our cross country and track teams have to offer. You’ll see into student life on campus, academics, athletics and authentic faith-based community as you join in on the rhythm of Bushnell.

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12:50pm – Check-in
1:00 pm – Welcome and Intro
1:30 pm – Campus Tour
2:30 pm – Admissions
3:00 pm – Financial Aid
3:30 pm – Change for Practice
4:00 pm – Practice Sessions
6:00 pm – Dinner Break
8:00 pm – Team Activities
9:00 pm – Beacon Night (Optional)


9:00 am – Practice Sessions
11:00 am – Brunch Break
12:30 pm – Athletics
1:00 pm – One-on-Ones with Coaching Staff