NURS 310 Foundations for Lifelong Learning in Nursing*

This introductory nursing course assists students navigate Bushnell University’s online learning, communication, and assessment systems and explore academic support services. Nursing as a ministry, Jesus as healer and behaviors implying the presence of professional values are explored.

NURS 320 Evidence-Based Practice and Health Care Policy in Nursing

This course examines the concept of evidence-based practice in nursing with an emphasis on substantiating nursing judgements in practice with evidence. The way health care policies influence nursing practice and health care systems are explored.

NURS 330 Leadership in Nursing Practice*

A study of leadership in nursing practice, including concepts of team work, communication, and decision making and their role in promoting high-quality, safe patient care within organizational and community arenas. Ways to lead with a different kind of authority in light of nursing as a profession and ministry will be explored.

NURS 340 Role of the Professional Nurse

This course provides an introduction to the identity, attributes, roles, values, and behaviors of the professional nurse. Nursing history and contemporary nursing issues impacting practice, rules and regulation defining and authorizing professional nursing practice, standards of conduct, and the concept of lifelong learning will be explored.

NURS 350 Ethics in Nursing*

In this course students will examine the practice of nursing as a ministry within the context of ethical obligations, including patient rights versus duty to deliver care. Students will develop in-depth knowledge of and reflect on core ethical issues of moral authority, patient autonomy, justice, and the sanctity of human life in light of a variety of ethical situations which traverse the lifespan and are encountered in nursing practice.

NURS 410 Population Health In Nursing

This course examines factors influencing the health of populations and communities with a focus on the role of the nurse to assess, implement, and evaluate culturally appropriate, community-based efforts aimed at promoting and maintaining health.

NURS 420 Health Care Operations and Information Management

This course examines concepts of healthcare operations and information management. The way patient care technologies, finance, and regulatory environments influence health care systems, nursing practice, quality, safety, and patient care outcomes will be explored.

NURS 430 Research in Nursing

This course assist students to develop a spirit of inquiry and to act as an evolving scholar. How evidence is developed, the basic elements of the research process including quantitative and qualitative processes, and the ethical conduct of research will be studied. Methods for locating, retrieving, communicating, and critiquing health and other relevant research literature and sources of evidence will be explored.

NURS 440 The Aging Population

This course incorporates knowledge of the sciences into the study of nursing care of the aging population. Several factors impacting physiological changes experienced by aging adults are examined. Ways to communicate and collaborate with patients, families, and interprofessionally as well as approaches to End of Life and other care options are explored.

NURS 499 Nursing Capstone

Theories, concepts, and knowledge learned in prior BSN course work are integrated into a Project Based Experiential Learning Experience (PBELE) carried out within the context of an organization or community agency. The PBELE is based on an identified health problem or issue; involves interaction with other providers and/or individuals, families, groups, communities, or populations and; allows for transition of student competencies to the baccalaureate level of proficiency.

*These courses satisfy Bushnell’s general education requirement in Bible and Christian Ministry Studies.